Streamer James Saroka arrested for beating his pregnant wife on the side of the road

24-year-old James Saroka, who has been streaming on various online platforms for several years showcasing emotional abuse of his girlfriend who is now his wife, has been arrested in Pennsylvania on domestic violence charges for beating her on the side of the road.

Last year James Saroka got the attention of the YouTube and other social media communities over his concerning livestreams featuring abusive behavior towards his partner Kaitlin Cizewski.

On July 25, 2021, police responded to calls that a man was physically assaulting someone while walking along as highway. Two witnesses signed statements saying they saw James hit Kaitlin in the face multiple times. One witness says they tried to stop James, but he asked him to get out of his business and reasoned that he would not have intervened if he saw the witness and his wife arguing.

When they approached James, he became hostile towards the officers. He would not identify himself, but police were able to find his driver’s license.

According to the officers, Kaitlin exhibited signs of “battered wife syndrome,” and was uncommunicative and asked James if she could talk. Police found out that Kaitlin had no access to money, had no car, and had nowhere to go. They had been traveling the United States staying in hotels and had no permanent residence. She had been isolated from the world by James, and police soon learned her family had been searching for her for the past three years.

“She’s afraid of talking to the outside world. She has no control over finances, she has no control over what she can do or where she can go,” Deputy Dorsey told Newson6.

Kaitlin’s parents immediately drove down from Oklahoma to pick her up, so she now has stable housing.

James’ YouTube channel is now deleted, but he used to stream there and on Periscope. He also operated a social engine optimization company called feetpeace. According to the organization’s Instagram bio, “feetpeace is a Non-Profit YouTube Channel for probono SEO consulting and relief services under sister company James Saroka Search Engine Marketing.”

James Saroka is currently held on a $25,000 bond for the charge of assault and battery on a pregnant woman.

UPDATE: James Saroka pled guilty and was convicted and sentenced to 9 months in jail with credit for time served.

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