BELOW DECK MED Katie Flood dated Jack Stirrup and he has her tattooed on his arm

The world of luxury reality TV yachting is a small one. At the start of Season 6 of Below Deck: Mediterranean, chief stew Katie Flood revealed that she’d had a 1 and a half year romance with former Below Deck Med deckhand Jack Stirrup. He had even gotten her face tattooed on his arm just a few days into their love affair.

Jack and Katie

Katie says she met Jack in Thailand, and she knew their relationship was ill-fated from the start. It was a passionate romance, but not one built to last. She says he was a good boyfriend up until the end, which seems like the filmed boatmance Jack had with Aesha on the show.

“I love Jack. Like, he actually got my face tattooed on his arm,” Katie said at the start of this season. “It had been like 10 days of us knowing each other. I was just like, ‘What the actual f–k?'”

Here’s a close-up of the tattoo, which Jack showed on Below Deck Med:

“We were just so young, too passionate, never gonna work. But, like, at least we were together for about a year-and-a-half, you know? It kind of makes it worth it, right?”

She says she couldn’t bring herself to watch Jack’s season of the show for a while, but when she eventually did she found him to be exactly the same as when she knew him.

Jack and Aesha

On season 4 of Below Deck Med Jack shared a cute romance with 2nd Stew Aesha Scott. They were joined at the hip every minute they weren’t working and even got to move into the same bunk because of a crew shakeup. Even though they slept in the same cramped space for a while, Aesha refused to sleep with Jack until they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend, which occurred right before the very last charter.

Although he officially asked Aesha to be his girlfriend using a bedsheet, the adorable boatmance fell apart the minute they stepped off the yacht. Jack promised Aesha he would take her with him as his plus one to a wedding, but he ghosted her and she saw him with his ex-girlfriend at the wedding on Instagram stories.

Jack is now a dad

In April 2020, Jack and his girlfriend Kelly Hidge his first child, Phoenix Sidney Stirrup.

Katie wasn’t surprised to hear that Jack’s a dad now. “He’s wanted to be a dad for so long. It’s super funny, ’cause he comes across as such a, like, playboy and a real lad and likes a good time,” she told The Daily Dish. “But he’s actually a really big family person. And he has such a beautiful soul. And he’s always wanted a family,” she shared. “So I’m so happy for him. And he loves his kid so much. So, yeah, it’s really cool to see that.”

Maybe an upcoming season of Below Deck Med will reunite these two!

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