90 FIANCÉ Family fight breaks out because Kalani doesn’t want to have more kids with Asuelo

Tonight’s episode of 90 Fiancé: Happily Ever After ends with an intense fight between Asuelu Pulaa’s family and his wife Kalani Faagata’s family. Asuelu’s mom and sister were visiting Kalani and Asuelu for Christmas, and things turned tense right away when they brought up money. Things got really dire, however, after Asuelo brought up the fact that he wanted more children and escalated to Asuelo physically removing his sister from the house.

Asuelu’s mother Lesina directly asked Asuelu for money, which irritates Kalani. Asuelu feels it’s his duty to give money to his mother because of their culture, and because his mother used to give her money away to the church when they were growing up. Ultimately, though, he lets his mother know that he can only give so much, and will not give her money if it means he cannot provide for his own children.

Lesina and Asuelu’s sister Tammy notice what a nice house Asuelu and Kalani live in, which is Kalani’s parents’ house, and reason that if they live in such a nice house they must have extra money that they can give them.

Kalani feels like Lesina views her children as bank accounts, which is a red flag for her.

After that awkwardness over money, Asuelo temporarily distracts Lisena and Tammy with a white elephant gift exchange. The mood lightens for a while, but everything takes a turn when Asuelo puts Kalani on the spot about having more kids by gifting her a baby blanket. Kalani is visibly upset and tells Asuelu that this is a private topic they should only discuss with themselves. Asuelu has previously let her know that he wants seven children, but Kalani still feels like they rushed into having their two boys Kennedy and Oliver, and doesn’t want to have any more kids for the foreseeable future as she navigates caring for them.

It’s already too late because mom and sister want to know why Kalani doesn’t want to keep having kids for her husband. Her sister Kolini holds back from revealing exactly how she feels about this but isn’t happy with the way the conversation is going. “It isn’t my place,” she says in confessional. “But they aren’t going to push that on my sister and force her to have these babies that she doesn’t want to have.”

Kalani's sister Kolini

Kalani’s sister Kolini

Asuelu’s mom says she did what her husband wanted, so she had nine kids. She then tells her son to go find another wife if Kalani won’t agree to keep having babies.

Tammy tells him that there are a lot of women in Samoa who will give him what he wants. 
He replies that he told them to be on good behavior when they visiting and that they are not exhibiting good behavior.

The conversation then erupts into a screaming match. His mother yells at Asuelo to “shut up” if he doesn’t agree with what she has to say.

As things escalate, Asuelo picks up his sister and physically takes her out of the house, with his mother following.

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