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YOU, ME & MY EX April Kirk and Loren Kirk share a bathtub together after April married Loren’s husband

April Kirk and Loren Kirk from TLC’s You, Me and My Ex used to be next-door neighbors while both of their marriages were falling apart. Now, April is married to Loren’s ex-husband John and Loren lives down the street with her friend Heather (and April’s ex Roy also still lives in the neighborhood and remains good friends with April.)

YOU, ME, & MY EX Kayee Lovey barely knew Jerry before she moved in with him and his ex-wife

TLC has dealt a lot with polygamy and polyamory, but their new show You, Me, and My Ex, showcases different kinds of unconventional living arrangments. For 54-year-old Jerry, who was recovering from a serious Histoplasmosis infection that nearly took his life, this meant inviting his ex-wife Jessica, 40, to come live with him and their four kids. COVID further complicated things for the family because Jerry wanted to continue pursuing a very new relationship that was interrupted first by his illness and then by COVID. Jerry, who was immunocompromised because of his illness, decided to go ahead and ask Kayee Lovey to move in with his family to see if they could have a real relationship.