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BELOW DECK MED Producers had to stop Lexi Wilson from violence

Season 6 of Below Deck: Mediterranean had a lot of turmoil between Lexi Wilson and the rest of the cast, but viewers didn’t get to see exactly how bad things got during filming. Back in August, executive producer Nadine Rajabi revealed to the media that she had to step in and stop a situation this season. Now, Cheif Stew Katie Flood is confirming that producers had to intervene when Lexi Wilson was getting violent towards Mzi Dempers in the crew mess.

BELOW DECK MED Why Lexi was finally fired

Steward Lexi Wilson has caused problems about the Lady Michelle on Season 6 of Below Deck: Mediterranean since the beginning of the season, but she was finally let go during episode 13 “A Hard Day’s Night” after a particularly bad night out with the rest of the crew. Of course, Lexi has taken to Instagram to clap back at the producers.

BELOW DECK MED stew Lexi Wilson Miss Bahamas 2013 photos & videos

Given that Below Deck: Mediterranean stew Lexi Wilson doesn’t like to talk about it, you may not know that she was Miss Bahamas 2013. For those viewers who can’t seem to get enough Cindalexi in their lives, we’ve gathered together lots of photos and videos from Lexi’s time competing for Miss Bahamas and then Miss Universe! I mean, how can you resist the chance to watch her play “Truth and Dare?”

BELOW DECK MED What happened with Lexi? Did Lexi quit?

On Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 6, second stew Lexi Wilson has been clashing with Chef Mathew from the start, and revealed to her roommate Malia White that she has a burn list of all the people she feels have wronged her in life. After the crew’s second charter ended and the whole crew went out to dinner, Lexi somehow managed to get in a fight with almost everyone. Her behavior that night totally eclipsed the fact that Chef Mat has got wasted and drunkenly decided to quit the season. By the end of episode six, it looks like Lexi will not be returning for another charter either. Did Lexi Wilson quit?