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EVIL LIVES HERE Serial killer Wayne Adam Ford ex-wife says he pretended to be human

It’s hard to imagine how some people are capable of unspeaking crimes. In the case of serial killer Wayne Adam Ford, his ex-wife Kelly Pletcher saw him as something other than human.

Kelly decided to sit down for an Evil Lives Here episode (Season 9, Episode 4) titled “He Pretends to Be Human” to describe what it was like to live with a killer.

EVIL LIVES HERE Mall shooter Robert Hawkins poisoned his stepmother

On December 5, 2007 19-year-old Robert Hawkins killed eight people and injured four in a shooting at an Omaha, NE mall.

His stepmother Candace Sims and father Ron Hawkins did an intense interview for Investigation Discovery’s first episode of Evil Lives Here, titled “Something About Robbie,” which first aired in 2016. They reveal that Robbie’s behavior growing up was disturbing, and he even tried to poison his stepmother.

EVIL LIVES HERE ‘He Tied Me up, Too’ Serial rapist James Bergstrom’s wife Linda tells her story

Over a 2-year time period, James Bergstrom raped at least five women, including a 15-year-old old, and attacked at least 35.
When Linda met James Bergstrom when she was 20 years, she thought he was a nice Catholic boy. Her family had a problem with him calling the house incessantly, but Linda didn’t see that as a red flag at the time.

EVIL LIVES HERE ‘He should have died sooner’ – Killer George Yzaguirre’s ex-wife Jennifer Meyers thinks he may have killed more people

George Yzaguirre’s ex-wife Jennifer Meyers says he took his secrets to the grave in Season 12, Episode 1 of Evil Lives Here. Although he was convicted of killing two of his friends in 2020, Jennifer believes he could have killed more people and she thinks she could have been his next target.

EVIL LIVES HERE My Twisted Sister – Louise Turpin’s sister Elizabeth Flores was trapped by her for a while

Louise Turpin and her husband David are currently in prison for felony child abuse, torture, and imprisonment for raising their 13 children in nightmarish conditions. Louise’s sister Elizabeth Flores opened up in 2019 for Season 6, Episode 8 of Evil Lives Here called “My Twisted Sister.”

EVIL LIVES HERE What If He Gets Out? Sister of Jesse Winnick fears for her life after he murdered their mom

Amy Chesler describes her murderer brother Jesse Winnick as a “ball of spite” who has “infinite hatred. He gained so much joy out of other people’s fear and pain.” He had intentions to kill Amy and still does. She’s terrified now that he’s up for parole for the 2007 killing of their mother Hadas Winnick.

EVIL LIVES HERE – ‘Locked in the Closet’ Mary Rowles and Alice Jenkins forced kids to eat feces

Jesse Rowles endured horrific abuse as a child from his own mother and is now speaking out about it on Evil Lives Here. One of the physical scars from his abuse came from the time his mom stabbed him with a fork for eating his spaghetti too loud. Jesse says he remembers that his mom was slurping her spaghetti loudly too, but when he did it she was infuriated to the point of violence. He now has a bandaid and a message of forgiveness tattooed on top of the scar.