BELOW DECK MED What happened with Lexi? Did Lexi quit?

On Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 6, second stew Lexi Wilson has been clashing with Chef Mathew from the start, and revealed to her roommate Malia White that she has a burn list of all the people she feels have wronged her in life. After the crew’s second charter ended and the whole crew went out to dinner, Lexi somehow managed to get in a fight with almost everyone. Her behavior that night totally eclipsed the fact that Chef Mat has got wasted and drunkenly decided to quit the season. By the end of episode six, it looks like Lexi will not be returning for another charter either. Did Lexi Wilson quit?

How the day started

After a successful charter with Roy Orbison Jr., the crew went for their usual night on the town, and multiple things went awry.

During the tip meeting, Sandy hypes up the crew by letting them know that this was her first season ever that she hasn’t heard a guest complain except for when Mat left over a knee injury and the rest of the crew had to cook dinner. Their tip was $21k, which equaled 1450 euros per person, or about 1700 USD.

Mathew was upset that he had to cook crew lunch on drop-off day, something that experienced yachties say is always a part of the chef’s job. Mat was unaware and was planning to use the day to clean and plan menus. He feels isolated because everyone else has a team in their department, and he is only on in his department.

Before dinner out, Courtney Veale calls her mom and dad. She says she’s been working over 16 hours a day on charter. She breaks into tears as she reveals that her dad is seven years into an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. He has deteriorated very fast, and Courtney is scared of the day when he will start to forget people.

The crew then go out for their second dinner together at Galbiani Restaurant & Wine Bar in beautiful Sibenik, Croatia, where they proceed to take ample advantage of the wine.

Chef Mat was the first to get a little too tipsy. He starts by revealing that he met his last girlfriend “vibing at a sex party.” He then reveals that he hasn’t jerked off in a month, and tells them to get him a hooker. He then says he has too many accomplishments working for too many douchebags so he’s better than them. He also reveals that he couldn’t perform well at his first sex party.

Malia tells him to “Shuck the f**k up,” and the rest of the crew offer similar sentiments to his choice of banter.

Mat gets upset and walks home, where he then proceeds to pack up and quit. The next morning he regrets it, but it’s already too late for him in Captain Sandy’s book.

While Chef Mat is gone, the party continues for the rest. The crew starts to feel so good they start Facetiming their families. This triggers Courtney because of the situation with her father, so she goes to the bathroom with Lexi to cry. She tells him that the last three years have been grieving him while he’s still alive.

Lexi tells her that her own father has died just four months ago, so she can relate to Courtney’s pain. Courtney ends up paying Lexi’s part of their bill.

On the way back to the cars, Mzi is carrying Courtney, who he has a crush on. She calls him “Daddy,” especially when she’s drunk. Eventually they topple over and Mzi cuts his lip on the stone.

In the car ride over Mzi reveals that he’s adopted. His mother died when he was three, and he got adopted by his grandmother’s employer. She worked as a domestic employee in his adopted parents’ house, and took him home with her on the weekends.

In the other car, Cheif Stew Katie Flood learns that both Lexi and Courtney are grieving over their dads, and she offers them support.

Once they get back to the Lady Michelle, most of the crew want to get in the hot tub and continue the party.

In their bunk, things get tense between Lexi and Malia. Lexi calls herself Satan, and tells Malia that Courtney, who is more drunk than Malia, was able to tell her how much she needed to pay. Malia points out that Courtney didn’t, instead she just took care of the 300 kuna, or $47, that Lexi owed for her part of the bill and tip. (The production company pays for their meal and one drink, but the crew continued to drink quit a bit after their one drink each.) “Why do you keep referring to yourself as Satan?” Malia asks.

“I legit don’t give a f**k,” Lexi says. “I have a life to go back to, you dont.”

“Is that in the Bahamas with your burn list?” Malia asks.

Lexi then reveals that she lives in Miami in an $8000/month high rise condo.

Lexi storms out of the bunk and gets into the hot tub, where trouble will continue to build.

While in the tub, David Pascoe gets dared to run around naked. He does it, which seems to ignite his confidence, because he then whispers to his boss Malia White if she would ever see him as more than a friend.

Malia doesn’t know what to say, and tells him that’s hard to answer. The awkward moment is interrupted by Lexi, who tells David to “Shut his kiss-a** up.”

Lloyd, who also has feelings for Malia, then chimes in to tell Lexi to “shut the f**k up.”

“I thought you liked me!” Lexi responds to Lloyd. He says he did until she started saying s**t like that.

Lexi then calls on Courtney to attack him for her. Courtney then jokingly jumps on him.

Lexi then calls Lloyd a p***y and rubs her chest on him. This really upsets Lloyd, and he gets out of the hot tub while Lexi continues to call him a p***y.

“This girl’s got no social understanding of what is acceptable to be said,” Lloyd says. “but when it goes more than just words, I don’t want to be touched. I just wanted to get out of there.”

Malia is next to get out of the tub after Lexi tells her team they’re “just deck crew.”

“She doesn’t mean anything that she says to take offense, but it is offensive, isn’t it?” she says of Lexi.

Lexi tells her to get over it, and then screams at her to “go to bed.” As Malia leaves Lexi says that Malia doesn’t know her because she’s Satan.

Malia then goes to take to chief stew Katie about how Lexi was behaving. “She made Lloyd cry,” Malia points out.

Katie goes to address Lexi and they get into a screaming match, and Lexi is yelling at David as he walks away. After the rest of the crew left, Katie yells at Lexi to tell her what happened. She has to raise her voice to be heard over all the commotion. She offers to switch bunks with Malia so Lexi doesn’t have to sleep in the same room with her, and Lexi then bursts into tears. “I’m not angry at you,” Katie says. “You just really need to reign it in.”

Malia then comes out to drain the hot tub so no one drowns in it overnight. This ignites even more screaming between Lexi and Malia. As she finally makes her way to bed, Lexi screams at Katie that she’s a horrible chief stew.

Katie says she has compassion for Lexi because her dad died, but that doesn’t excuse her behavior.

Lexi continues to pick fights with David, and even claims that Malia was being fake when she told her she was sorry that her dad died.

Lexi insults David’s money and job. “The only thing you have going for yourself is that you smell good” she says. “You’re wack.” At this point, even Mzi, who has not involved himself in the drama, tries to diffuse the situation. Lexi then turns her rage towards Mzi. She tells him to “take his Afrikaans ass and go the f**k away,” and later pushes him. It was later revealed that producers stepped in at this moment to prevent the situation from escalating further into violence.

Mzi tells Lexi to go to bed.

Lexi goes to her bunk where she keeps saying that she’s “Satan.” Malia agrees to sleep in a guest cabin

After all this, Lloyd finally realized that his roommate, Chef Mat, is gone.

Somehow, throughout all of this, Sandy is still asleep.

The next morning

When Captain Sandy wakes up the next morning, she asks Lexi if the crew had fun the night before. Lexi says she had a bad headache but says that, yes, they had fun. Lexi then elaborates that they had drinks and that there was an argument that she’s can’t completely remember.

Sandy suggests maybe Lexi should apologize, but Lexi says she would but she doesn’t know what she’s apologizing for and only wants to apologize if it’s authentic. Sandy tells her maybe she should just say that, and Lexi agrees that it’s a good idea.

Sandy then diverts her attention to the fact that the boat is missing a chef, while the rest of the crew try to work out how to navigate around Lexi’s behavior the night before.

Mzi is offended by the fact that Lexi brought up Afrikaans language as an insult to him. He didn’t know if she was referring to the fact that he was adopted by a white family or not, since Afrikaans is typically a “white man’s Language,” but he feels like she was trying to be derogatory and harsh. “She’s just completely ignorant,” Mzi says.

Katie Flood goes to talk to Captain Sandy about the night before. She tells Sandy that Lexi is grieving her father. Katie doesn’t know everything that happened, but she heard Lexi saying “nasty things” to Malia. Lexi walks in while they’re talking, and admits to getting into it with David. Sandy suggests they should address this in a crew meeting.

At the meeting Lexi says that the initial argument with Malia spilled over to the hot tub. She then apologizes for screaming at David, but immediately points out that he was screaming at her too. She says she doesn’t remember bragging to them about how she was better than them and made more money. Sandy asks Lexi to just listen because she doesn’t remember.

Malia apologizes for her part in it and says everyone now knows that she’s “going through something really difficult.” Lexi then breaks into tears and leaves. The rest of the crew say they can get past it, but Lloyd thinks she hasn’t done a “proper apology” and suspects that she doesn’t feel like she’s done anything wrong.

Everyone gets to work because they have a charter to prepare for. The next guest is Athena Lucene, a success coach from Connecticut. Lexi tells Malia that she doesn’t want what happened to affect their work relationship.

She then asks Malia what happened that made them go from hugging to arguing. Malia tells Lexi that she attacked Malia’s character, called her names, she claimed Malia comforted Lexi about her dad for her own benefit. Lexi admits that she does think Malia was being fake about Lexi’s dad. This sparked another argument. Lexi claims that she did not treat Malia horribly, while Malia maintains that she did.

Malia brings up to Katie that Mat’s apology was so much better than Lexi’s, and that she still hasn’t even apologized to Mzi.

Katie feels drained and asks Lexi why she didn’t apologize to Mzi. Lexi says she did, and tells her that she’s “already let go” what happened. Katie asks her if she wants to go, which prompts Lexi to say that Katie is wrong, Malia is wrong, and everyone else was wrong.

Katie tells Lexi that she thinks she doesn’t want to be there, and Lexi agrees. Lexi then calls her mom and tells her she’s quitting the boat. She says she can’t deal with the unprofessionalism, but her mother doesn’t want her to quit and asks if she thinks God is pleased with her.

The next morning, Katie talks to Sandy about whether or not Lexi should stay on the boat. Sandy asks her to give her another chance, but Katie points out that she’s not just concerned for herself, but the entire boat. Sandy asks Katie to be a good leader, and change Lexi’s trajectory. She implores Katie to invest in Lexi. “Go lead,” Sandy says.

Katie tells Lexi that she thought she quit. She confronts Lexi with the fact that she has pushed her boundaries in terms of “ethics and morals.” Lexi promises that it won’t happen again and that the alcohol made her in the wrong headspace. She resolves to do what she needs to do to make the season work.

Once the guests board the ship, Lexi focuses on working and things start going smoothly. Lexi explains in confessional that she grew up in the Pentecostal religion, and in that religion, you’re supposed to be good and loving to the people who have done you wrong, but Lexi struggles loving people after they’ve crossed her. This religious background and her struggle with some of the morals preached in it may play some role in why she calls herself “Satan” when she gets drunk.

While cleaning up after dinner, Kaite bonds with Lexi over her appreciation of Leonardo DiCaprio. Katie served Leo during Cannes in her very first time on a yacht.

After the crew receives a tip of $15,000, which amounts to about $1200 each, Courtney finds herself in tears. She felt disrespected when the guests didn’t remember her name that morning but praised Lexi for her service. She felt like Lexi is receiving too much positive attention for simply doing her job and being a “normal person.”

Malia, however, has gotten over the incident with Lexi and thinks she deserves a second chance because “if we were all judged by our boozy nights, we should all be kicked off the boat.”

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