BELOW DECK What does the crew eat while working?

The crews of Bravo’s Below Deck work hard to provide a “7-star” experience for their guests. The yachts’ guests enjoy delicious and decadent meals specially prepared for them by renowned onboard chefs based on their preferences and specifications, which are part of the hefty price-tag of the experience. What do the crew members eat while they provide this service?

Crew members work extremely hard, often over 16 hours a day, so they often don’t have much time to sit down for a meal. They will usually grab whatever is around when they can, whether it be easy meals like cereal or scraps of whatever the chef has prepared for the guests that day. Often the chef will prepare separate meals for the staff, which are usually more simple to make and use less expensive ingredients than the meals for the charter guests.

Sometimes, crew members report that they have trouble finding time to eat at all, and have to make sure they get something in. Caffeine is often used as fuel to get through the high-energy, grueling workdays.

Thankfully, they don’t have to pay for their meals. Whatever they find the time to eat is provided to them. A big financial benefit of working aboard yachts is the ability to forgo normal living expenses. They don’t have to pay for things like food or utilities, and if they don’t have a permanent residence where they need to pay rent or a mortgage, they can save on these expenses as well while they’re out completing a yachting season.

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