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Real Murders of Orange County – Who killed Jane Carver?

On June 10, 1995, 46-yer-old Jane Carver, a well-loved flight attendant with a sparkling personality and two sons was gunned down by an unknown man on her morning run. There were witnesses across the street who saw everything. While they didn’t know who the man was, they found him to be eerily calm. Her husband Al came outside when he heard sirens coming and saw his wife’s body from his doorway. Who killed Jane Carver?


Can you back out of Married at First Sight? There’s a reported $50k penalty for leaving early

Sometimes the decision by contestants about whether or not to stay married after the 8 week trial period of Married at First Sight is a hard decision. Sometimes the couples are really enjoying each other and know they want the marriage to continue on, but many times they are unsure of the stranger they’ve just been legally married to. Still, as they learn more about the other person they can form an attachment and curiosity about where things can lead. Other times, one or both parties know that the marriage just isn’t working out long before the required two months. Is is possible to leave early? What if the other person is being abusive?


RHOSLC What did Jen Shah tweet about Meredith Marks’ son Brooks?

Trouble brewed early between Jen Shah and Meredith Marks’ then 20-year-old son Brooks in Season 1 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Brooks said he flashed him and his sister Chloe while doing high kicks. She allegedly wasn’t wearing underwear. The young people felt uncomfortable, and immediately went to Best Buy to avoid Jen’s company in their house. Since then, Jen had been out for Brooks on social media. Jen has apologized for her behavior, but also shirked responsibility for it onto her “team.”


BELOW DECK MED How is Lloyd Spencer now? Is he still working in yachting?

Last week’s episode of Below Deck: Mediterranean ended with lovable deckhand Lloyd Spencer experiencing a medical emergency. His blood pressure was elevated, he had a tight sensation in his chest, and he was extremely nauseous. Captain Sandy was extra vigilant to make sure he received care because she had a heart attack in 2018.

BELOW DECK SY Are Adam and Jenna still together?

Sparks flew immediately during the first season of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht between Chief Stew Jenna Macgillivray. Adam is definitely no stranger to dramatic boatmances: in Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 2 he was caught in a love trianglew with Malia White, who was green at the time, and bosun Wes Walton. It wasn’t long before Adam and Jenna were hooking up because of the intense “Shmexual shmention,” but did their hot boatmance last after the charter season was over?

All the times caviar was eaten on RHOBH, Season 11

One of the stars of Season 11’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been the nearly ever-present caviar, a staple of wealth-signaling that currently costs starting around $200 per ounce. Here’s a run-down off all the black-egged decadence we’ve seen this season while the women try to suss out what’s really going on Erika Jayne.

THE TOOLBOX KILLER Why criminologist Laura Brand was on the phone with serial killer during labor

Criminologist Laura Brand considers Larry Bittaker to be the most sadistic serial killer in U.S. history. She fought to get in communication with him so she could better understand his psychology, and so she could hopefully find clues about where some of his victims bodies that were never found are. Her quest for answers led her to develop a strong friendship with Bittaker. When she got pregnant, he expressed a strong interest in her pregnancy and new baby to the point where the sadistic rapist killer was on the phone with her when she gave birth to her child.