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Louise Turpin had a shopping and gambling addiction

What happened to the 13 Turpin children is unimaginable. The children grew up starving, were constantly in filth, were chained up for punishment, and were denied education. Even after they reached legal age, they were unable to leave the horrible captivity at the hands of their parents, Louise and David Turpin. Although their family was large, the father David was a computer engineer who always had a good job, but it wasn’t enough to sustain shopping and gambling addictions. Financial strain from poor personal decisions and compulsions is woven deep into the horrible Turpin family story.

RHOSLC What does Jen Shah’s assistant Stuart Smith do?

Jen Shah’s assistant Stuart Smith, who has worked with Jen for 12 years and can often be seen on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was arrested at his home in Lehi, Utah on the same day at Jen this March for their roles in an alleged telemarketing scam that targeted older, more vulnerable people. What did Stuart do for Jen?

WHEN PHILIP MET MISSY Philip Snider proposed marriage and confessed to murder to an undercover cop

73-year-old Philip Snider’s wife Roberta had been missing for several months when he met Missy at a Burger King in March 2018. Philip was part of a group of mostly men that would meet up at small-town Hartville, OH’s fast-food restaurants in the mornings to drink coffee and gossip. Missy, who was attractive and 20 years younger than Philip, raised eyebrows in the community when she set her sights on the retired carpenter.

TOO LARGE Corey Phelps before and after weight loss

Corey Phelps has endured a lot in his life. As a child, he had always been larger than his peers and endured bullying for it. His weight escalated in high school after he came out as gay and was rejected by his mom because of her religion. Eventually, Corey moved out of his mother’s house because of her lack of tolerance for his sexuality but became homeless because he had nowhere else to go. He achieved stability with the help of the Good Neighbor homeless shelter, where he found his best friend Renee and was able to find a job in tech support.

QUEEN OF METH Lori Arnold’s parents allowed her to marry a grown man at 14-years-old

While her brother Tom Arnold was making a name for himself in Hollywood, Lori Arnold was making a different splash on the world by running a five-state meth ring. Eventually her empire came crashing down, and she went to prison twice. At the top of her game, Lori pulled in $200,000 a week, but now she lives a simple life working at a factory. Instead of wild parties, she goes home every night to watch TV. In the documentary series Queen of Meth, Lori tells her story, including the difficult childhood that propelled both her and her brother to seek validation in dangerous ways.

KEEP SWEET Christine Marie says was sex trafficked by a false prophet

The Discovery + documentary Keep Sweet delves into what’s happened to the FLDS home base “Short Creek” (Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah) in the aftermath of their leader Warren Jeffs’ 2011 incarceration. Because of complicated land rights issues, FLDS members have faced eviction if they didn’t sign an occupancy agreement and pay $100-a-month, while former FDLS members are being given the right to live in abandoned houses. Dr. Christine Marie Katas is offering outreach help to some of the families losing their homes amidst the transition in the area. Christine Marie is a survivor of abuse and sex trafficking at the hands of a false Mormon prophet, and also a former girlfriend of NXIVM cult founder Keith Raniere.

RHOBH Where is Taylor Armstrong now?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘S Taylor Armstrong lived out some of her most difficult moments on TV. While shooting Season 2 of the show, she was enduring domestic violence from her husband Russell. After the show wrapped, Russell, who was in a financial bind, killed himself in August, 2011. Taylor had filed for divorce from him a month before. Taylor returned to RHOBH for Season 3 to document picking up the pieces after Russell’s death.

RHOSLC Does Mary Cosby think she’s a god? Ex-member mortgaged his house and gave her $300,000

During tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, scandals surrounding Mary Cosby’s church were again brought into the spotlight. For several episodes, Meredith Marks has found herself on the receiving end of cryptic messages about Mary’s church, Faith Temple Pentecostal. Does Mary think she’s a god? Are church members giving her too much money?

RHOSLC Meredith Marks hired a private investigator to follow Jen Shah

Most of Jen Shah’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast was shocked when she was arrested by the feds for fraud. Meredith Marks, however, was completely unfazed. She even hinted to Mary Cosy that someone might have tipped off the FBI about Jen. At the beginning of tonight’s episode, Meredith revealed that she hired a private investigator.