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RHOBH What is psychic medium Allison DuBois doing now?

In episode 9 of season 1 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is aptly titled “The Dinner Party from Hell,” Camille Grammer invites her friend Allison DuBois to be the focus of a dinner party with her castmates. Allison is a psychic medium who is the inspiration from the show Medium starring Patricia Arquette.

SECRETS OF PLAYBOY The suicide of Paige Young and the secret tapings at the Playboy Mansion

In 1970 Melanie Myers discovered the body of her neighbor, 30-year-old Paige Young, lying on an American flag. On one of Paige’s walls was a mural of clippings from newspapers and magazines. At the top of the wall were the words “Hugh Hefner is the devil.” The scene was cleaned up the next day and there were no media reports about her message about Hugh Hefner. Melanie believes that her friend died hoping that her death would erupt take because of the writing on her wall. Instead, Paige’s last message was not reported on until decades later when Melanie started talking about it.

How serial killer Dorothea Puente got away with murdering Ruth Monroe

Serial killer Dorothea Puente ran a boarding house in the 1980s that housed homeless and mentally ill people. She got them to sign over their social security checks to her in exchange for room and board and then systematically drugged, killed them, and buried them in her backyard. Since no one ever checked on most of her victims she was able to kill them and still collect their checks. Before she embarked on this deadly scheme, Dorothea had gotten away with murdering her friend Ruth Monroe.

EUPHORIA The touching story behind Dominic Fike (Elliot)’s Apple logo face tattoo

When we first meet singer Dominic Fike’s character Elliot during Episode 1 of Euphoria Season 2, it’s immediately obvious that he has an eye-catching face tattoo. In the place where a tear-drop tattoo would traditionally be, there’s a corporate Apple logo, which is an outline of an apple with a bite taken out of it. Is this Dominic Fike’s real tattoo? If so, why did he make this choice?

RHOC Are Dr. Jen and her husband Ryne still together?

Dr. Jen Armstrong’s marriage to Ryne Holliday has been put to the test in front of cameras on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. Their main problems seem to stem from the fact that Jen is always working at her medical spa, so she rarely spends time with her husband and children, which has led to a huge disconnect. At one point Ryne actually left the house, but returned later to work things out. Are the couple still together after all this turmoil?

RHONJ Throwback: Dolores and Frank Catania when they were married

RHONJ’s Dolores and Frank Catania are now happily un-married. They split up 20 years ago after Dolores found out Frank was cheating on her while she was pregnant with their second child: Frank Jr. (now 23.) Still, they’ve remained close over the years and even continue to live together sometimes while they’re dating other people.

EVIL LIVES HERE – ‘Locked in the Closet’ Mary Rowles and Alice Jenkins forced kids to eat feces

Jesse Rowles endured horrific abuse as a child from his own mother and is now speaking out about it on Evil Lives Here. One of the physical scars from his abuse came from the time his mom stabbed him with a fork for eating his spaghetti too loud. Jesse says he remembers that his mom was slurping her spaghetti loudly too, but when he did it she was infuriated to the point of violence. He now has a bandaid and a message of forgiveness tattooed on top of the scar.

SISTER WIVES Paedon Brown on Robyn: “Dad found his soulmate”

23-year-old Paedon Brown is speaking out in multiple interviews about his parents’ divorce. He has a fantastic relationship with his mom Christine, who now lives in the same state he lives in, but feels more distant from his dad Kody. However, he doesn’t judge Kody for choosing to spend his life with Robyn, who Peadon views as Kody’s soulmate.