RHONY How did Ramona Singer’s brother Bohdan Mazur die?

During a discussion between Luann De Lesseps and Ramona Singer about Sonja Morgan’s concerning escalating drinking on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of New York, Ramona revealed that she’s worried that she can’t help Sonja, just like she couldn’t help her brother Bohdan Mazur, who died in 2017 at age 59.

Ramona wasn’t on speaking terms with her brother Bohdan when he unexpectedly died in a car accident. He was living in Uruguay at the time and crashed his car into a tree while driving to the hospital to get help. Ramona says she thinks maybe he was “on something” when this happened, and she speculated that he could have been drinking. The official reports give the narrative that he was in the middle of a heart attack before the accident, and had been driving to the hospital to get help.

Things had gotten cold between the siblings in 2015 when he published a book called Aspen, Snow, Blow, And Bo: A True Story. After he died, Ramona and her daughter Avery flew to Uraguay to spend time with his daughter.

A difficult childhood

Ramona grew up in an abusive household. She says her father Bohdan Mazur Sr., was an alcoholic who verbally and physically abused her mother, Veronika Mazur. He also encouraged her brother, Bohdan Mazur Jr., to pursue drug dealing.

Ramona grew up with three siblings in Rhinebeck, NY: sisters Sonya and Tanya, and brother Bohdan. Bohdan started selling marijuana in high school and soon moved to cocaine. In his tell-all book, he claims his father encouraged his drug dealing because of the money he could make. When he graduated high school, Bohan moved to Aspen, Colorado, where the snow is abundant in more than one way, to further his drug-dealing career.

At one point Bodhen was making upwards of $10,000 a week, and found drug dealing to be so easy that he “forgot it was illegal.” Soon enough, he was dipping into his own stash and developed his own addiction. One night in November 1998 when he was paranoid from too much cocaine, Bohdan accidentally shot off his own gun, which triggered his neighbors to call the police. When the police arrived they found eight bundles of cocaine in his jacket, which lead to almost three months in prison and time in a halfway house.

Bodhan also wrote in his book that Ramona never visited their mother when she was dying of leukemia. Ramona has denied this and was livid at him for claiming it. “When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I found her the best doctor in New York City,” she told Radar at the time. “I went with her to the appointment, and I visited her every day. I made food for her, I cooked for her, and I had help there for her 24/7.”

Ramona also wrote about her perspective of their childhoods in her book Life on the Ramona Coaster. She describes the time as “a blur of nightmarish memories, punctuated by my father drinking too much, then drunkenly abusing and berating my mother.”

Ramona briefly reconciled with her father right before he died, but he left her nothing in his will, which devastated her. In 2019, Ramona spoke to her RHONY costars about the lack of love she felt from her father. . “My family life on the outside looked very normal. But there’s a lot of darkness going on in the inside,” Ramona said. “I had no love from my father. No love, zero love. He ignored me.”

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