RHONY Ramona Singer Fired? Is the Season 13 reunion canceled?

Trouble may be brewing for Real Housewives of New York as the Season 13 reunion special and filming for next season have been postponed due to low ratings and other issues. One report that’s circulating claimed that longtime RHONY vet Ramona Singer has been fired from the show, but multiple “insider” tips say that’s definitely not the case. There may, however, be other cast shakeups going on.

“Ramona Singer ain’t going anywhere,” the network insider revealed to the Daily Mail about rumors she was getting the sack.

Filming for the reunion special was supposed to start on August 5, but it’s been pushed back to September or maybe indefinitely. Furthermore, filming for Season 14 was supposed to start this fall, but won’t resume until 2022.

There is reportedly going to be a major cast shakeup when filming for the new season starts up again, as the show has only been able to pull in about 700,000 live viewers per recent episode. Sometimes there are drastic cast shakeups for Real Housewives shows based on numbers and feedback.

One rumor swirling was that Ramona is going to be cut, but she seems confidant that’s not the case. Ramona responded to a question on Instagram asking if she had been fired with a simple “Nope,” so it looks like Ramona’s here to stay.

Ramona’s main plotline this season has been fighting with new cast member Eboni K. Williams, who has confronted Ramona about political and racial issues.

During one tiff Ramona walked away because she didn’t want to discuss the 2020 election. She returned after cooling down, and then Eboni told her that she was ignoring politics because of her “privilege” and “white female fragility.”

Ramona reacted by calling Eboni “preachy,” and then Eboni told her she was “gaslighting” her. Eboni has since owned being a bit of a “preacher” but explained that she’s a “teacher” as well.

“I’m a little bit of a preacher and I wear that as a badge of honor. And I’m a little bit of a teacher too,” she said on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday night. She further explained that she had just wanted to make “authentic” connections with the women on the show, and to be “as truthful and honest about where I am, and what I’m about. And if there’s an outstanding question about values alignment, I gotta get to the bottom of it.”

Eboni has spoken out to TMZ, saying that her focus on racial topics this season shouldn’t be to blame for the show’s poor ratings, as the series has dealt with many difficult topics over the years including alcoholism, mental health, divorce, and bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, Ramona Singer seems to be living her best life amidst all the chatter about the fate of RHONY. She recently posted on her Instagram story about how she accidentally ate dog food because she thought it was pistachios.

“My girlfriend likes to cook, so this was on the cutting board when I came home,” she explained in the story. “I thought it was pistachios, so I ate some. Guess what? It’s dog food. I ate dog food.”

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