BELOW DECK MED Who is guest Athena Lucene?

The last two episodes of Below Deck: Mediterranean have shown footage from the charter of Athena Lucene, who was nice but demanding. She brought onboard brothers, who are her clients, and she made sure to keep them happy throughout the trip. Who is Athena Lucene and what exactly does she do?

In the preference sheet meeting, Athena Lucene is introduced as a success coach from Conneticut. She brought her clients Jackenson and Jivenson, who are co-owners of the online trading firm, for an entrepreneurs’ success.

Athena’s Instagram describes her as a “Spiritual Thought Leader, Author, Coach, Speaker, & Host of The Cosmic Celebrity Podcast.“

While talking to Lexi after dinner, Jackenson and Jivenson explain that Athena is their coach AND their business manager.

She definitely kept the staff on their toes. She gave them detailed, but sometimes confusing, instructions, and had everyone waiting with baited breath for her to take the first bite of food and give her nod of approval.

“She wants calamari, which is squid, but so she wants it fried, but they want options, and she wants it Croatian style, but not true Croatian,” Mat later vents to Captain Sandy and others in the crew mess. “And she doesn’t want me to tell her what it is, and she wants to be surprised, but she wants me to have a backup, but call it calamari, not squid.”

“How am I supposed to give this woman what she wants when I have no idea what she’s asking for?” Chef Mat asks.

When it comes time for dinner, Athena asks that they start brining the food before everyone sits down, which is not how service normally operates. Usually the chef and stewards coordinate to start serving the guests once everyone is seated. The chef cooks most of the meal while the guests are sitting down so the food will arrive hot and fresh. Timing is everything, so starting to serve food before everyone seats means the food may get cold.

While Mat is plating, Athena walks down to the galley to see if the food is ready, which agitates the crew, who are not used to serving food before everyone has sat down. When the food comes out, Athena asks to be at the head of the table, because where she is sitting on the side “feels awkward.” She then asks for a salad in the middle of the meal.

After this, the crews learns to cook and serve them whenever they ask, not at the usual pace, and things continue to go generally well. Mat makes two cakes the second night to celebrate the birthday of FX Capital, and he asks stew Courtney to decorate the cakes. The end result isn’t the most appealing, and Athena disappointed when she comes to check on them. Still, everyone thinks the cakes were tasty, so overall it was a success.

“It was a very exciting experience. We made the best of it and enjoyed ourselves,” Lucene told about the experience.

Athena’s website is She sells intuitive energy healing, private consultations to receive spiritual insights, private 4-week coaching, and personalized weekly group coaching.

Athena’s YouTube channel.

She also has a book coming out called You Are Spiritually Gifted.

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