YOU, ME AND MY EX Alex announces he’s demisexual as family and friends think he’s too gay to marry a woman

Alex on TLC’s You, Me and My Ex is getting lots of pushback from his friends, family, and his partner’s family for dating and wanting to marry a woman. He’s still extremely close to Stephen, the ex who broke his heart and still has unresolved feelings over the heartbreak Stephen caused him. Alex says Stephen could never be there for him emotionally, and he has found the love he’s always yearned for in Caroline. So many people around him don’t believe that he can be happy with a woman, and will need to be with a man eventually.

In tonight’s third episode of the show, Alex explains that he’s demisexual, which means he only feels sexually attracted towards people to with whom he has a strong emotional attachment. He’s attracted to both men and women, but for him, the attraction only comes after an emotional bond.

“I want somebody that loves me for me, and I get that 100% with my new relationship,” Alex said in episode two.

“I like to live my life outside the box, or checking off each box going down the row,” he said about his open-minded approach to life.

“You can call it gay, you can call it whatever you want to. I identify as a try-sexual,” Alex joked. “I’ll try anything – twice.. I’m attracted to anybody with a good heart. I don’t what’s in between your legs. You can have a golden gnome, but that b!tch ain’t gonna get touched by me if you’re not a good person, or at least have a good personality.”

Alex and Caroline have a cat together named Cat-Arina Grande, and Alex is now talking about wanting to marry Caroline after two years of blissful dating. Caroline is also a bit scared that she won’t be “enough” for him because she’s a woman, and is a little concerned about his around-the-clock face timing with his ex Stephen. Before COVID happened, Alex and Stephen were often hanging out together 5-6 days a week.

On tonight’s episode, Alex takes his older sister Tiffany shopping for an engagement ring for Caroline. Tiffany has never met, or even heard of, Caroline. Tiffany was shocked to hear this, and reveals that she thought if he ever married a woman, it would be an older woman, suggesting that she thought he might marry a woman for financial gain.

Alex tells Tiffany, as he has told his other sister Jessica, that he loves Caroline. While shopping for rings, he gets a call from Stephen, who is shocked to find out Alex is shopping for wedding rings. When Stephen asks Alex if he’s ready for this, Alex shoots back that he was ready to do this 12 years ago with Stephen, but that didn’t happen.

Tiffany asks Alex if he thinks he might want a man later, but Alex is adamant that he would never want to cheat on Caroline, no matter the gender.

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