TEEN MOM Farrah Abraham’s former FroCo employee Kiana claims PTSD

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Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom OG used to own a frozen yogurt company called FroCo and a former employee of hers, Kiana, is sounding off on social media claiming working for the controversial reality star gave her PTSD.

Kiana shares other details below…


FroCo was the brainchild of Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham. Farrah, who was first introduced to MTV audiences on 16 and Pregnant, had her daughter Sofia in 2009 before graduating high school. Abraham has always been a controversial, unpredictable figure often feuding with cast members, producers, reunion hosts and more.

EXCLUSIVE Farrah Abraham’s Froco yogurt shop is closed!

According to Yelp, the official grand opening of the first FroCo location was May 31 2016.

There specialties were listed as follows:

FROCO is a fresh and frozen food company offering frozen yogurt sharing new flavors monthly. Options very; sugar free, gluten free, dairy free options. We also serve variety of drinks, cake pops, lollipops, sandwiches, salads and more fresh options per season. Froco’s mascot Coba the popping boba is available for Birthday parties and educational Froco froyo classes. Froco has movie nights, live bands and much more through out the holidays! Make Froco your own!

Farrah Abraham’s frozen yogurt shop closed down after her Beverly Hills arrest for battery and Teen Mom OG permanent firing. Doors closed on July 1, 2019.

FroCo employee Kiana’s first hand account

Instagram account TM_chatter reported that Kiana, an ex-employee of Farrah’s FroCo shop, was sounding off on social media and making big accusations about her former reality star boss. 

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Many may remember that Farrah fired Kiana on camera. They got into a heated argument when Farrah tried to blame Kiana for a lot of failures and she came back at the reality star saying that she was disrespectful.

According to the video recording which you can view here, Kiana believes she does have PTSD as a result of working with Abrahams.

According to the AMA, the former FroCo employee burned the work pants she was asked to return (“did I return them? f-ck no”), and though she doesn’t want to get into too much about it, she does think that she has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the experience. 

Kiana, who got fired by Farrah on her birthday, divulges:

The short answer is yes- she definitely did give me PTSD. I feel like this not only because of how she was when I was working with her and, like, nothing I could ever do could make her happy, but because of everything that came along with the airing and just all of the publicity I got after that. 

Kiana goes on to talk about what it was like to be recognized for the show and how embarrassed she was to watch her episode back. She also doesn’t think editing was doing her any favors because ultimately it was Farrah’s show.


What makes matters more interesting is that Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abrabam has been doing her own trauma work, recently celebrating 1 year of doing “deep work.”

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