90 DAY FIANCÉ Sam’s brother and Citra’s sister are engaged?

90 Day Fiance Sam's brother Timmy and Citra's sister Nafa are reportedly engaged

The 90 Day Fiancé universe may soon be featuring its first all-siblings couple! According to their social media profiles, Sam’s brother Timmy and Citra’s sister Nafa are currently engaged!


It appears Timmy and Nafa first met when she flew in for Sam and Citra’s wedding in early September of 2023. Nafa, her sister Nanda, and their dad arrived in Missouri on September 4. As Starcasm exclusively revealed, Sam and Citra’s wedding was on September 10.

The two seemed to bond quickly. The photo at the top of this article features Timmy and Nafa together at the airport just before she and her family left the United States to head back to Indonesia.

It’s unclear when Timmy and Nafa officially started dating, but on November 7, Timmy announced he and Nafa were engaged on Facebook! “I’m so happy for you my Tim🥰 and Nafa🥰,” Timmy’s mom DeeDee responded.

Despite the engagement announcement, Timmy later posted a photo of Nafa on Instagram in which he referred to her as his girlfriend. “My beautiful gf!” he wrote on November 19. Nafa responded with a red heart emoji. (Citra responded by simply writing, “Gay.”

On November 20, Timmy posted a photo of a passport on Instagram. “Finally arrived!!” he started his caption. “Another step closer to seeing my gf!!! 😊”

Throughout November and December, Timmy shared screen caps of his video calls with Nafa. Here are a couple examples:

90 Day Fiance Timmy and Nafa dating

90 Day Fiance Citra's sister Nafa and Sam's brother Timmy dating

Nafa shared a video montage of Timmy on December 22 that included the following narration:

I remember the first time we started talking. You were the reason I got my laugh back, the reason I fell asleep with a smile on my face, the reason I had the motivation to do things again, the reason why my problems didn’t seem so bad. You truly have made my life better by just being in it.

Nafa returns to the US

Timmy posted about getting his passport and stating that it was “another step closer to seeing” Nafa. However, it was an unnecessary step because Nafa came to see him!

Citra and Nafa shared posts on Instagram late last night revealing Nafa is back in the United States. Here is Timmy driving and holding hands with Nafa from her Instagram stories:

90 Day Fiance Timmy and Nafa in a car together 2024

And here is Timmy and Nafa arriving at Sam and Citra’s:

90 Day Fiance Nafa and Timmy in the US together

I can only assume there is a VERY good chance we will be seeing Timmy and Nafa on an upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days! Stay tuned!

UPDATE – After we published this story, Citra commented on Nafa and Timmy’s relationship with an Instagram story post. Here’s the post, followed by what she wrote in case it’s too difficult to read:

90 Day Fiance Citra comments on sister Nafa and Timmy's relationship

I’m happy for both of them even though they can be such a pain in our asses sometimes lol. Never thought they will ended up together, I know god has mysterious way for everything.

If we didn’t cancel our wedding in indonesia which is Sam come to Indonesia alone and it never happened that my sister and Tim (sams brother) would had a chance to meet in person they only see each other in facetime long time ago. Now they’re in relationship because I brought my family to come here to meet Sam’s family and I always believe everything happens for a reason.

I am glad my sister being all open up and close to me tell me about everything and I’m glad that she can get out from toxic relationship for many years that she had and found someone better that caring, loving, and appreciates everything she does.

I tried a fee times to set up Sam’s brother with my friends but he was so cold for girls out there lol. So they got the easy way he knows about all my family and she knows all about his family 😂

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