SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Who is Oisin O’Neill? Republic’s VIP server with an OnlyFans

Who is Oisin O’Neill? Meet the Southern Hospitality newcomer who originally hails from Ireland.

Republic‘s newest Bottle Boy, the VIP server met Maddi in Talum, Mexico and the rest is history. Learn more about Oisin’s OnlyFans and more… you’ll never believe the photos!

Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality is a new show on Bravo that just premiered its second season. Following employees at Republic Garden & Lounge in Charleston, South Carolina, the series is a spin off of Southern Charm. Leva Boneaparte, owner of Republic and HBIC, can be seen on both.

Cast members include Grace Lilly, Maddi Reese, Bradley Carter, Mikel Simmons, Emmy Sharrett, Joe Bradley, TJ Dinch, Will Kulp and Mia Alario. Season 2 welcomes a new hottie to the crew… Ireland’s own, Oisin O’Neill.

Oisin O’Neill

Who is Oisin (pronounced Oh-SHEEN) O’Neill? Republic’s freshest ‘Bottle Boy,’ aka a VIP server under manager Maddi Reese. What is O’Neill’s background and how did he get to Charleston? For Oisin it sounds like life has been one adventure after another.

O’Neill was a professional Rugby player (Front Row position) before leaving his home country of Ireland right before the time of COVID. According to his sports bio for Old Glory Rugby, he was a champion in his peak:

Oisin grew up playing rugby at St. Gerard’s School and later played for Division 1A side Old Belvedere RFC of Dublin, Ireland. In 2017, Oisin moved to New York City and spent time with Old Blue RFC, New York Knights NL and Rugby United NY of MLR.

When sports started to shut down during the pandemic, Oisin made a run for it… regrouping in Tulum, Mexico.

He has moved from Wicklow to Dublin (Ireland), NYC (USA) to Tulum (Mexico) and to the great city of Charleston (USA) all within the last 6 years. O’Neill is pursuing an “international career in nightlife.”

While south of the border the Southern Hospitality star started hosting parties… inevitably drawing the attention of Maddi Reece and Grace Lilly. In fact, it was Reece who suggested he come to Charleston and work at Republic. Looks like Maddi does know how to pick ’em (minus Trevor…)

Oisin O’Neill OnlyFans

The biggest rumor surrounding Oisin is that he is an OnlyFans model. Yes, according to the cast of Southern Hospitality, for the low low price of $15 you can see the goods.

Under the moniker “The Milk Man,” O’Neill even sells merch associated with his adult entertainment page. 

If you can’t afford to pay for the whole shebang, Oisin rarely leaves anything to the imagination… even on his regular social media. On Instagram, for example, you can get a full unedited view of his butt:

Southern Hospitality airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9/8c

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