MY 600-LB LIFE Dr. Nowzaradan debuts sexy new salt and pepper goatee PHOTOS

My 600-Lb. Life star Dr. Nowzaradan has facial hair for what (we think?) is the first time ever – peep a look at his new salt and pepper goatee and the distinguished look that the surgeon debuted on Instagram.

We’ve got the photos here…

My 600-Lb. Life

My 600-Lb. Life is a TLC reality show that follows the practice of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, MD., FACS. as he performs vascular and bariatric surgery on patients who exceed 600 pounds or more. Lovingly known as “Dr. Now,” Younan is an Iranian doctor and television personality thanks to his son, the original creator of the series.

He graduated from the University of Tehran and completed his surgical internship at St. John Hospital.

Dr. Nowzaradan practices in Houston, Texas, requiring those participating in his program to move to the area so that they can be focused on their weight loss journey and make their appointments in person. Dr. Now is known for giving tough love to his overweight clientele, a straight shooter known for telling it like it is.

Dr. Nowzaradan goatee facial hair

Though he rarely mentions his personal life, Dr. Now has been married before. He was married to Delores McRedmond for 31 years until they divorced in 2004. 3 children came from the marriage. As far as we know, the bariatric surgeon is currently single.

Dr. Nowzaradan is looking GOOD in his new Instagram reels where he thanks his fans for watching My 600-Lb. Life and gives his tips to focus on your health “now that the holidays are over.” Dr. Now isn’t listening to the Christmas-cookie excuses anymore!

Below you will see Dr. Nowzaradan with a salt and pepper goatee, new facial hair that we are pretty sure he is debuting for the first time ever.

In the past, the My 600-Lb. Life star has had a clean shaven face, going back as far as his previous marriage and all though the seasons of his TLC reality show.

We love the gastric bypass surgeon’s sultry new look and hopes he keeps it for a season or two!

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