19 KIDS AND COUNTING Joy-Anna Duggar’s shortest haircut yet PHOTO

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19 Kids and Counting star Joy-Anna Duggar has gotten her shortest haircut yet. Last time she went for a chop it wasn’t as cropped and her husband Austin Forsyth didn’t like it.

Is this the ultimate sign of Duggar rebellion? See the photo below:

Duggar Hair

Fans know that when it comes to the Duggar’s crazy beliefs, none is more visually apparent than the way they groom themselves and dress. For decades we’ve taken interest in their clothing, hair and makeup choices, trying to make sense of it all. 

In the docuseries Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, the Institute in Basic Life Principles “cult” is explained, and it turns out all the Duggar girls had the exact same haircut to appeal to Bill Gothard. Leader of the Duggar’s homeschool program Advanced Training Institute, Bill Gothard, was known for preferring the young women around him have this certain hairstyle. (Long, curled locks)

The Duggar’s even produced their own video showing how to style yourself to their standards:

Joy-Anna Duggar haircut

Joy-Anna Duggar has gotten another haircut, this time it is her shortest yet. Many may think that this is no big deal, but whenever a member of the Duggar clan does something against the IBLP it can’t mean nothing.

According to the DuggarSnark Subreddit, Joy just got her luscious locks chopped and it looks like the shortest we’ve ever seen from the fundie.

Joy got a Satan short haircut!!! JB is seething somewhere.
byu/teresasdorters inDuggarsSnark

Didn’t take fans long to point out that Jim Bob is likely somewhere “seething.” He really doesn’t respond well when his daughters break from his protocol as we’ve recently seen when he avoided running into Jill Dillard at a Christmas celebration held at his home.

Austyn Forsyth hates his wife’s haircut?

What does Austin Forsyth think of his wife’s new haircut? We have pretty good reason to believe that he hates it. Starcasm reported that Joy-Anna Duggar experimented with cutting her locks short before and Forsyth did NOT react well. Now, she’s debuting much more than a medium-length trim.

When Forsyth got a glimpse of Joy’s hair in November 2022 he mentioned that it was too short, he wished it was longer, and that she was a “dirty girl” for surprising him.

Austin Forsyth calls Joy-Anna Duggar ‘dirty girl’ after her short haircut

Is this a sign that Joy-Anna Duggar doesn’t care what her husband thinks about her choices? If so, this is a huge departure from the strict conservative fundamental Christian teachings that the 19 Kids and Counting star grew up with.

Good for you, Joy Joy!

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