90 DAY FIANCÉ Sophie’s wig cost $1,000! Why does she wear one?

90 Day Fiance Sophie says her wig cost $1,000

90 Day Fiancé star Sophie Sierra has received a lot of criticism about her wig this season. In response, the 25-year-old reality star took to social media to assure everyone that she paid big bucks for her faux locks!

“For the dumb a** comments saying I wore a cheap wig on the show,” Sophie wrote on an Instagram story post last week. “It was $1,000 from a Quality hair store in London.”

Sophie was willing to admit her wig may not have lived up to its potential due to her lack of wig skills. “I didn’t know anything about wigs so maybe I laid it wrong or something idk, but it defo wasn’t a cheap or synthetic one 😊.”

Sophie’s post was accompanied by a screen cap from a listing on a-listlacehair.com. The wig is called “The GISELLE” and is described as a “blonde glueless frontal lace wig body wave with roots.”

I checked the listing and it is currently still available in multiple lengths ranging from 16 inches to 26 inches. I assume Sophie purchased the 26-inch version because it is currently priced at $1,009. The next length down, which is 24 inches, is priced at $712.

Here are some of the details about the wig from A-List Lace Hair:

This beautiful lace wig is made from Virgin Brazilian hair where during the hand-tied manufacturing process hair cuticles are held in the same direction giving you a wig that maintained well, does not tangle, it will move, bounce and feel like no other.

Ventilation: This wig is freestyle ventilated, which means the hair can be combed in any direction. This wig may appear with a centre, or side part, when styled for photography, but the part is not permanent.

Shipped with a pre-plucked natural hairline, lightly bleached knots ready to wear and strategically banded for a snug secure fit.

Picture Hair Color: #custom Blonde with roots…

Hair Texture: Body Wave
Hair Type: Virgin Brazilian Hair
Hair Density: 150% medium
Lace Colour: Transparent
Lace Type: Undetectable HD Lace
Cap construction: Glueless Wig Cap 13×6 Frontal HD Lace Wig.

Our 13 x 6 glueless Frontal wigs are very versatile with our signature realistic hairline, baby hairs, bleached knots and free parting anywhere you like at the front and sides.

Cap Size: Medium Cap Measurements

Baby Hairs: Around the entire perimeter for a natural look

Knots: Hand Tied Single knots at the front, Double throughout the rest of the cap to ensure durability.

Why does Sophie wear a wig?

Prior to defending the quality of her wig, Sophie responded to questions about why she chose to wear one. “I had to wear wigs for a year for my hair health,” she explained in an Instagram story post in October. “Now it is healthy again so it was worth it!” she added.

In a follow-up post, she responded to a follower who asked if viewers will be seeing her with her natural hair on the show:

90 Day Fiance Sophie natural hair

Sophie also revealed that she and Rob filmed for the show nearly two years ago, and admitted that she isn’t a huge fan of how the wig looks on screen either.

“I don’t wear wigs any more,” Sophie wrote. “The show was filmed when I was 23 (I’m 25 now). The wig I wore on the show is stressing me tf OUT lmao!”

Not only are 90 Day Fiancé viewers and Sophie critical of her wig, but he mother Claire is as well. Sophie posted a video in her stories with her mother poking fun at the wig while watching 90 Day Fiancé. “Even my own mum bullies me about the wig I was wearing on the show,” Sophie wrote, adding multiple laughing face emoji.

Sophie is a brunette now

A few weeks ago, Sophie revealed on Instagram that she had opted to go with darker hair. In the caption, she seemed to suggest that going (and remaining) blonde may have contributed to the hair problems that resulted in needing to wear a wig for a year.

“After 2 years of bleach ruining my lifeee lol I finally went back to my natural hair colour 🙈,” Sophie captioned the image below.” “What do you guys think?”

Sophie returned to Instagram last week to share a gallery of photos of her brunette look:

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