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19 Kids and Counting‘s Jinger Vuolo’s in-laws are coming for her in the comments. Justin’s mother-in-law Hillary Spivey is questioning Jinger’s paid promotion of Christian healthcare services.

Dropping the bomb that she has a child with cancer, Spivey went off in response to a video Vuolo posted, claiming the insurance “doesn’t cover” serious care…

Keep reading to see her comments…

19 Kids and Counting

The TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting ran from the early 2000’s to 2015 and introduced audiences to the Duggars. The ultra conservative fundamentalist Christian family is led by parents Jim Bob and Michelle who between them made 19 children.

The show was cancelled due to eldest brother Joshua Duggar’s multiple scandals including being named in the Ashley Madison leak and going to jail for possessing illegal sexual media starring minors.

Two of Josh’s siblings, Jinger (30) and Justin (21) may be experiencing some tension after Justin’s mother-in-law Hilary Spivey came for his sister in her Instagram comments… dropping a bombshell along the way.

Hilary Spivey speaks out on child with cancer

What is especially interesting about the feud is that Spivey typically sides with the Duggars in past occurrences – she has defended Jim Bob’s parenting publicly on social media before. In fact, the two are friends dating way back.

Claire Duggar’s mom Hilary Spivey in Instagram war defending Jim Bob

So for Hilary to start another “war” on Instagram isn’t what is surprising, it is that she is going against the Duggar family ideals on an issue… in this case, Christian healthcare services.

Dropping the BOMB that she has a child with cancer (it hasn’t been confirmed which one, but we do know that it isn’t Justin’s wife Claire as she is likely not still on her parents insurance at age 23) Spivey attacked Christian healthcare options for not providing coverage for chemotherapy. 

Below is Jinger’s paid ad and Spivey’s comments following…

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