SEEKING SISTER WIFE Sophie Winder is pregnant, due in March

Seeking Sister Wife's Sophie Winder is pregnant again, due in March 2024

We have some wonderful news for the many fans of the Winder Family from the TLC reality series Seeking Sister Wife! Colton Winder’s second wife, Sophie Winder, recently revealed she is pregnant again after suffering a miscarriage earlier this year.

The pregnancy announcement was made via the Winder Family Instagram account on October 18. Accompanying a gallery of family photos was a caption with the news, which also revealed that they will be having another girl!

For a family in mainstream American society today, we’d be a fairly large family. In mainstream LDS society, we’d be a moderately sized family. For a fundamentalist family, we’re still tiny, and 80% of my children are daughters. Sadie was happy, but she still cried when she found out it wasn’t going to be another little brother. We’re grateful for every soul the Lord chooses to send to our family, and look forward to welcoming our next little girl that Mama Sophie will be having this coming March.

It was more than a month later that Sophie shared a sonogram as part of another Winder family photo gallery.

Sophie added this caption with an update on their lives, including the baby on the way:

✨I haven’t shared many things lately, but I couldn’t go by the month of November without recognizing what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for our little brood and our little one on the way. It’s starting to become quite the task for Tami and I to take all our children together places…thank goodness for double strollers (x2)!

I’m thankful for our family, and extended family, especially those who accept our family as a whole and show all of our children love, for that we know we are blessed ♥️.

I’m thankful for the fact that our children have a daddy that loves and adores them, and works tirelessly to take care of our family and make sure our needs are met. I love our little family and I am soo blessed to have all the children we do, for we have prayed and worked hard to get each and every one of them here ♥️✨

On December 8, Sophie posted a baby bump photo and revealed she was 27 weeks along at the time:

✨27 weeks ✨

I can’t wait until we get to welcome this beautiful baby girl into this world, and into our family. It’s fun to see the side by side comparison of each pregnancy!

Five days before Christmas, Sophie shared a photo of the Winder family Christmas tree along with another pregnancy update:

✨All these nights, waking up with heartburn, and not being able to get back to sleep…will turn to middle of the night feedings and restless sleep. I am so very excited to meet you my sweet baby girl.

I look at your siblings and how beautiful each child God gives us…and I can’t help but wonder if you will look similar to your sister Bella or if you will be sent with your own look all together.

Nevertheless, we are all so very excited to meet you ♥️ and of course, like any mama, I hope this heartburn means the old wives tales are true, and you will come with a beautiful head of hair! 🎀

“Do you think you’ll have more after this baby arrives?” one commenter asked. “Maybe little Ephraim can still have a baby brother one day 😊 if not I’m sure he will still love being the big bro (and little) to his beautiful sisters.”

“Due to fertility, and health issues, we take it one child at a time,” the Winder family account replied, “but we would love to have more if we are blessed with more ♥️.”

Winder family fertility struggles

Both of the Winder wives have had fertility issues. Tami Winder has been very open about her struggles with infertility since the birth of her daughter, Sadie.

The Winders announced the fantastic news that Tami was pregnant again on Christmas Day of 2022. Then, the family found out on New Year’s Eve that Sophie (who has also struggled with infertility) was pregnant again as well!

Heartbreakingly, Sophie suffered a miscarriage a few weeks later.

The Winders shared the sad news on social media, but remained positive in their statement. Here’s an excerpt:

Having a miscarriage is always hard. Processing grief comes in many forms, and it’s good to let those emotions flow when they surface. We believe that our children come to us when they are supposed to, not always when we plan it. We look forward to seeing when we will be blessed with our next child ♥️

Sophie would later share a YouTube video recorded from the hospital in which she talked openly about the experience. Here’s some of what I had to say about Sophie’s video from a previous Starcasm article:

Sophie is obviously saddened by the miscarriage in the video, but she is also resiliently positive — a trademark Winder family quality. She talks a little but about the fact that she and Tami were expecting at the same time.

‘We were really shocked with the timing of it because that would have meant that Tami and I were, like, eight weeks apart from each other,’ Sophie says. ‘That’s kind of crazy. They would have been pretty much twins, which is kind of an interesting dynamic. But, we would have welcomed it.’

Everyone at Starcasm is a huge fan of the Winders, and we’re all thrilled to hear more good news from the family! We look forward to keeping up with the pregnancy and sharing an article about the newest Winder’s arrival. Stay tuned! 🤗

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