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Love and Translation Tripp Bromley is an actor

TLC’s new dating reality series Love & Translation introduces viewers to three single American men who are looking to find true love among 12 international women — none of whom can speak English.

One of the three men hoping the language of love will be enough is 30-year-old Tripp Bromley from California. Tripp is billed as a former Marine who is currently a personal trainer in Los Angeles.

However, Tripp’s resume includes other work experience that likely helped him get cast for Love & Translation — multiple acting roles!

Tripp Bromley is an actor

Tripp Bromley’s IMDB page lists several acting credits, and also includes his appearance on Love & Translation.

The first acting role I could find for Tripp is in the pilot episode for a sitcom titled “Castles In The Air.” According to IMDB, Tripp plays a character named Ted.

I was unable to find the full episode of Castles In The Air, but I did find the preview trailer. You can spot Tripp in a couple spots, including the 20-second mark:

Tripp Bromley in Plan B

It’s not listed on Tripp Bromley’s IMDB profile, but he also starred in a short film titled Plan B.

Tripp Bromley in The Other Realm

Tripp has the starring role as Jason Rivers in the 2021 pilot for The Other Realm! Here’s the full pilot episode with Tripp front and center, followed by a synopsis of the episode from IMDB:

Jason Rivers (Paranormal Specialist) Leads a team of Paranormal investigators into a haunted office building a long with a Doc team.

Ray McManus is the building owner and due to all the paranormal activity going on in the building a lot of sales agents are quitting and it’s causing trouble. Rays sales numbers are down and he gets frustrated which leads him to call THE OTHER REALM (Jason’s Paranormal investigators) most of them have experience but this is their first time working together as a unit and they are dysfunctional but somehow they always find out a way to get the job done.

Love And Translation's Tripp Bromley acting in The Other Realm

The entity that is haunting the building is a former sales agent (Peter Gibbons) that use to be a member of the firm and passed away in the building from choking on his food on lunch break. He was a prankster and always pulled office pranks, on his 10 year anniversary he starts to haunt the building with pranks.

The Other Realms goal is to come overnight to the building to capture this entity and return him to back to his spiritual realm he came from! There journey to capture this entity begins and Jason and his gang are on a mission.

Tripp Bromley acting in Losers By Default

Tripp teamed up with The Other Realm producers for another sitcom pilot titled Losers By Default. In this pilot, Tripp plays Brad Huntington, a steward for Air Bungalow. In the preview trailer, shirtless Brad (Tripp) is looking to take his shot at an attractive young woman at the gym.

Actually, it sounds like the real potential hit wasn’t the Losers By Default sitcom, but The Making of Losers By Default documentary! Check out this Instagram post by Losers By Default co-creator, Sal Qadiri, detailing some of the obstacles they had to overcome just to get the pilot made:

To find out if Tripp Bromley is able to overcome his “loser by default” status and enter into “the other realm” of being in a serious relationship, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love & Translation airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC!

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