SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Who is Lea Aylor? Republic’s strict CEO

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Lea Aylor is coming in hot! On season 2 of Bravo’s Southern Hospitality Aylor lays down the law as Republic Garden and Lounge’s new CEO. Is she the reason two cast members were fired?

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Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality is a new reality show from Bravo that exists in the Southern Charm universe. The series has also featured a Vanderpump Rules crossover when James Kennedy mentored star Maddi Reese before her DJ gig. In its second season, the Bravo show is gaining momentum since premiering in November 2022.

The official website for the series describes it best:

Accepting nothing short of perfection from her staff, Leva runs a tight ship, but her once-close-knit team faces a multitude of obstacles as they try to keep their jobs while maintaining their friendships and relationships.

Cast members of Southern Hospitality work at Republic Garden and Lounge in various roles including VIP host, bartender and front door concierge. Bradley Carter, Emmy Sharrett, TJ Dinch, Will Kulp, Maddi Reese, Mia Alario, Grace Lilly, Joe Bradley, Lucía Peña, Oisin O’Neill and Mikel Simmons have all shared their lives with cameras.

Several cast members from Southern Charm have made appearances on Southern Hospitality because Republic is a popular place for Charlestonians to inhabit. Leva Bonaparte is friends with the cast and serves double duty working on both shows.

Lea Aylor resume

Fans know Lea Aylor as the new boss of Republic who is coming in hot and making sure Leva’s unruly staff sticks to the rulebook… but who is she and how did she end up at Republic?

Lea Aylor is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Republic Development & Management Group and resides in Charleston, South Carolina. Aylor hasn’t always been in the business of Southern Hospitality though – she previously worked for casinos in Las Vegas and tour sales Washington, D.C.

According to her LinkedIn page, the ball-buster worked her way up the ranks for MGM Resorts International, first as a Sales & Catering assistant, then to coordinator and lastly, manager. It is this trajectory that no doubt appealed to Leva Bonaparte when hiring someone to keep people in line for her restaurant group.

Fans notice that since making her presence known, two employees of Republic have been fired for breaking the rules: Lucía Peña for drinking on the job and Mia Alario for insubordination. 

Aylor has been CEO of Republic Development & Management Group since January 2023. Lea is a married mother of 1. Her maiden name is Biciocchi.

Besides the stress of dealing with a bunch of crazy bottle service employees, another reason for Aylor’s icy exterior may be that she lost her brother-in-law in 2023. David Fletcher Aylor, Esq. was Lea’s husband John William Aylor’s brother.

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