Love During Lockup LaTisha’s business files bankruptcy twice, delays 3rd eviction of 2023

Boss Tax and Accounting Services bankruptcy eviction

Love During Lockup felontrepreneur LaTisha Collier can add another eviction and two more bankruptcy filings to her accountant resume.

This article got very long very quickly, so I will share a bullet point summary at the top. However, I strongly encourage you to read the full article! The financial and legal drama surrounding LaTisha over the past year is absolutely mind-blowing. And it will likely get much worse before it gets better.

LaTisha Collier Updates Summary

• The landlord for the main Boss Tax and Accounting Services location in Davenport, Iowa sued for eviction over unpaid rent last month. The landlord won on December 27 and was scheduled to retake possession of the office space on Tuesday.

• Boss Tax and Accounting Services filed for bankruptcy on the same day that the judge ruled in favor of the landlord. As a result, the eviction has been delayed. (LaTisha also asked the judge to seal the court filing, but the judge denied that motion.)

• Boss Tax and Accounting Services also filed for bankruptcy in September of 2022, roughly one week after the business was sued by their previous Davenport landlord. That bankruptcy was soon tossed for reasons that LaTisha failed to correct in her most recent filing.

• LaTisha openly admitted in an interview last year that she often filed for personal bankruptcy (she has filed a total of seven times) just to delay debt collection. She also said in that interview that she doesn’t recommend doing that because it’s illegal.

• LaTisha has been feuding online with two women who say LaTisha owes them money and/or services. One of the women filed a police report and the other has filed a civil lawsuit against LaTisha.

Full LaTisha Collier Update

Starcasm broke the news last month that LaTisha’s Boss Tax and Accounting Services business was being sued for eviction from their current Davenport, Iowa location. The eviction would be the business’s third of 2023 after they were evicted from their previous Davenport location as well as their Waterloo, Iowa location.

On December 27, the judge in the eviction case signed an Order For Forcible Entry And Detainer. The Order stated a “Writ of Possession shall issue on 1/2/20204 at 1:00 PM upon request of Plaintiff by appearing at the Clerk’s Office.”

More from the Order:

Upon issuance of the Writ of Execution, the Court commands the Sheriff of SCOTT County, Iowa to remove Defendant(s) from the premises in the daytime, put Plaintiff(s) in possession of the premises, and remove from the property all persons claiming to hold property under or by virtue of authority of permission of Defendant(s). The court FURTHER ORDERS that judgment be entered in favor of Plaintiff(s) and against Defendant(s) for the costs of this action and for all costs accrued on the Writ of Possession.

Boss Tax and Accounting Services files for bankruptcy

LaTisha is no stranger to evictions and massive amounts of debt, as evidenced by the fact that she was also sued for eviction from her home in 2022 and she has personally filed for bankruptcy seven times.

If you’re wondering how a 37-year-old person could file for bankruptcy seven times when you are normally required to wait at least seven years between filings, the answer is only one of the filings went through. That filing was LaTisha’s first, a joint filing with her husband in 2009.

In an interview with Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz, LaTisha explained that she used the bankruptcy filings in order to get a stay and delay debt collection. LaTisha also stated that filing bankruptcy just to get a stay is illegal.

Below are a couple LaTisha quotes from her interview with Mary:

I’ll say it now because I’m not going through it anymore, but I would file to, like, stop things from happening, you know?

I think the first one me my husband did…this is back when I was, like, 21. He had a bunch of debt or whatever and we were married. I didn’t know no better, I just did what he said.

…So now that I knew what the bankruptcies could do, like, the automatic stay — you know, keep people from f***ing with you. So whenever, you know, I was very irresponsible for a very long time, you know, I would go that route, you know, and I would try to do it myself.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I would usually just drop it, you know? And so that’s what happened.

That’s illegal to file bankruptcy with no intention to continue to file. So don’t do that people, because it’s actually very f***ing illegal. It’s called, um, I think it’s bankruptcy fraud, I don’t know. I don’t know what it’s called. Something like that. Don’t do it!

Boss Tax filed for bankruptcy the day of eviction ruling

Boss Tax and Accounting Services filed for bankruptcy on December 27, which is the same day the judge signed the Order For Forcible Entry And Detainer in the latest Davenport eviction case.

As with many of LaTisha’s bankruptcy filings, Boss T&A’s 2023 filing appears incomplete and looks like she faxed it in. There are no specifics about how much the business owes, merely that the estimated assets and the estimated liabilities are both under $50,000.

According to the document, the kind of Chapter 11 bankruptcy the business filed requires “the most recent balance sheet, statement of operations, cash-flow statement, and federal income tax return.” I could find no evidence of any of that information being provided.

The filing did include a list of debtors, which includes three landlords and a media company that sued LaTisha last year for $5,500.00.

LaTisha filed a hand-written “Motion To Seal Document And Halt Eviction” on January 2, which was the day she was scheduled to be served with the Writ Of Possession. Below is what LaTisha wrote in the filing:

I am requesting to have this particular document sealed to the public due to another ongoing case.

And also I would like to remind the courts I stated I was filing bankruptcy but did not have paperwork at court date. Included is the filing which halts all collections, evictions. Thank you.

LaTisha’s delay tactic worked. Well, part of it did.

Judge delays Boss Tax eviction

Earlier today, the judge granted a stay in regards to the latest eviction of Boss Tax and Accounting Services. From the Order:

The Defendant’s Motion for a Stay of the Writ is granted.

This is based on the fact that the Defendant has filed for bankruptcy. Said bankruptcy was filed after the eviction was entered but prior to the Writ being executed. The Plaintiff may present evidence and set a hearing, which shall be scheduled as soon as possible, in the event the Plaintiff has evidence showing that the bankruptcy does not stay the execution of the Writ.

What about LaTisha’s attempt to have “this particular document sealed to the public?” As you might have discerned given the fact that Starcasm (aka “the public”) was able to obtain a copy of “this particular document,” the judge ruled against her.

“The Defendant’s motion for sealing the file is denied,” the Order reads. “There no legal basis to seal this file.”

Boss Tax and Accounting Services filed for bankruptcy in 2022

When looking into LaTisha’s bankruptcy filings, it did not occur to me to look into whether or not her business had filed for bankruptcy. (How could a bookkeeping, tax prep, and financial planning business file for bankruptcy and still remain in business?) I was wrong in my assumption.

Boss Tax and Accounting Services previously filed for bankruptcy in September of 2022. The filing was one week after the business’s previous Davenport landlord filed a lawsuit due to unpaid rent and other expenses.

The 2022 filing was very similar to this week’s filing in that it seemed incomplete. In addition to being incomplete, it was fundamentally flawed.

Here is an excerpt from the response document calling out LaTisha for a couple of the very basic things wrong with her filing:

Boss Tax and Accounting Services failed bankruptcy filing 2022

The bankruptcy was dismissed on September 23 due to “Failure to Comply with a prior Court Order.”

LaTisha and her landlord would later renegotiate her lease for a shorter period of time (one year) at a much higher rate. Of course, LaTisha stopped paying and she was sued again. Boss Tax and Accounting Services was evicted from the Davenport location featured on Love During Lockup in July of 2023.

LaTisha clearly didn’t learn anything from her business’s previous bankruptcy filing because she made some of the same mistakes again. There is no attorney listed on the filing (pro se) and she once again requested to pay the filing fee in installments.

I should also note that there is a section on the bankruptcy form that asks: “Were prior bankruptcy cases filed by or against the debtor within the last 8 years?” LaTisha checked the “No” box.

The bankruptcy form also includes this message:

WARNING – Bankruptcy fraud is a serious crime. Making a false statement in connection with a bankruptcy case can result in fines up to $500,000 or imprisonment for up to 20 years, or both.

Here is a link to the entry for Bankruptcy fraud on the U. S. Department of Justice website.

LaTisha Collier and former clients feud, new lawsuit filed

LaTisha filed a motion to seal her request to delay her eviction due to her bankruptcy filing, and the reason was because of “another ongoing case.” LaTisha is often juggling multiple lawsuits, so it’s unclear which case she was referencing.

In addition to having a very public falling out with a former client (and friend) named Colleen, LaTisha also got into a Facebook spat with another former friend who says she gave LaTisha a personal loan and never got her money back.

The “LaTisha and ladies” drama got REAL messy REAL quick. Colleen and LaTisha have done interviews with YouTubers arguing their sides. You can see one of According To Amber’s videos with receipts from Colleen here, and Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz’s live stream with LaTisha here.

According To Amber revealed Colleen later filed criminal charges against LaTisha and her business. Amber shared a copy of the police report, but I have been unable to find an open criminal court case yet.

The other woman, whom LaTisha reportedly borrowed money from personally, filed a lawsuit against LaTisha in small claims court last week. The amount looks to be $5,095.

I ***THINK*** that should get you all caught up on LaTisha’s current legal and financial issues! Of course, there could be lots more tomorrow so stay tuned!

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