RHOSLC Monica Garcia brother-in-law photos; See Jared Taylor here

photo of monica garcia from real housewives of salt lake city also known as reality von tease

Monica Garcia came out guns blazing on the most recent season of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The snowflake holder was ex-communicated from the Mormon church for having an 18 month long affair with her brother-in-law.

See Jared Taylor’s photo below…

Monica Garcia Reality Von (Tea)se

Monica Garcia is the newest snowflake holder on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The outspoken Bermudian with a big secret, Garcia shared some aspects of her life during season 4 including her tumultuous relationship with mom L.D., her struggling baby swaddle business and her lurid sexual past.

RHOSLC Salt Lake City Housewives promise new season is ‘a better vibe’

On the season finale it was also revealed that Monica was the mastermind behind the blogger account Reality Von (Tea)se. Reality Von (Tea)se and Garcia were the first to expose Jen Shah for abusing her staff members and ultimately, her exploitation of the elderly for money.

Garcia was involved in an 18 month affair with her brother-in-law (her husband’s sister’s husband, to clarify…) After four years of marriage, Monica filed for divorce from her original husband, Mike, during the month of December 2013. The pair eventually reconciled until June of 2023, when Monica filed for divorce for the second time.

The above photo shows Mike the husband of Monica’s children Kendall, 6, West, 7, Jaidyn, 13, and Bri, 18.

Jared Taylor photo reveal

Originally posted by The U.S. Sun, the news outlet identified the RHOSLC star’s brother-in-law as Jared Taylor, a 42-year-old fire chief from Ogden, Utah.

Due to the ramifications of the affair, Garcia was ex-communicated from the Mormon church for adultery. According to the Real Housewife, Taylor was not ex-communicated or even chastised by the church. 

The photo above shows Jared Taylor graduating from Weber State’s Law Enforcement Academy in May 2019. Taylor currently serves as the Division Chief for Weber Fire District. According to reports he also has 4 children similar to Garcia, meaning that 8 children in their family were effected by the divorces caused by the aftermath of their affair. 

Jared is a Utah native which is perfectly on brand for a Real Housewife of Salt Lake City. Taylor, who attended Weber State University, received a degree in Business Administration and Management.

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