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TLC sMothered Sunnie was on numerous reality shows VIDEOS

The cast for TLC’s sMothered Season 5 features quite a few familiar faces. In addition to the two mother/daughter duos returning from Season 4, viewers may also recognize new cast addition Sunnie Diab from her numerous prior appearances on reality TV.

Keep reading to see video of Sunnie on four different relationship reality shows with four different boyfriends!

sMOTHERED Cher Hubsher wears her My Super Sweet 16 dress 16 years later

Cher Hubsher (Gopman) first found herself in the national spotlight when she appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 way back in 2007. Cher’s memorable birthday bash was Mardi Gras themed and featured a new $96,000 Jaguar, hand-delivered invitations by Cher on horseback, and a multiple flashy outfits — including a very revealing metallic dress.

It’s 16 years later and Cher is still on reality television as half of one of the mother/daughter duos currently featured on TLC’s sMothered. Not only is Cher still on reality TV, she’s also still able to fit in the dress she wore when she turned 16!