Love Is Blind Season 6 features single mom Jessica Vestal

Love Is Blind Season 6 single mom Jessica

Netflix just dropped the first trailer and cast info for Love Is Blind Season 6, and American viewers might be surprised by the very rare inclusion of a single parent!

29-year-old executive assistant Jessica Vestal is not only looking for a potential husband in the pods, but also a potential stepdad for her 10-year-old daughter, Autumn!

Jessica makes the single mom reveal in the preview trailer as she talks about requirements for any potential match. “He would have to have the understanding that my daughter, and possibly even our future children, will always come first,” she says

It only takes a quick glance at Jessica’s social media profiles to know that her daughter Autumn is a huge priority and focus in her life. Jessica’s Instagram bio and her TikTok bio both describe her as “Autumn’s mom,” and both accounts are LOADED with Autumn content!


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Jessica Vestal was a teen mom

It’s not difficult to do the math and know that Jessica was a teen mom.

Jessica turned 29 in December and Autumn’s 11th birthday is coming up in March. That would mean Jessica was 18 when Autumn was born in 2013.

Below is a photo of Jessica when Autumn was a baby that Jessica posted on TikTok in November of 2023:

Love Is Blind Jessica's daughter Autumn's dad possibly

Jessica poked a little fun at her teen ‘do in the comments. “Whoever let me walk around with my hair styled like a helmet needs to be jailed immediately,” she joked, adding a crying emoji.

Jessica certainly does appear to have made it. She is currently an executive assistant at CGI Wealth Management’s Charlotte office. Here is her current bio from the company’s website:

Jessica was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She joined the GCG team in June 2021 as an Executive Assistant, with having an extensive background in corporate administration, client relations, and community outreach.

In her leisure time she enjoys yoga, fitness, and relaxing. She is also an active member in her church within the youth ministry, and is very involved with the Foster Parent Association, an organization she holds very near and dear to her heart.

Jessica is a doting mother to her daughter, Autumn. She relishes in bonding with her through shopping, arts & crafts, and making her reluctantly match outfits whenever there is an opportunity.

As a Love Is Blind fan, I am really hoping that Jessica gets a lot of screen time in the pods because the conversations about dating someone with a ten-year-old daughter will be very interesting!

I also hope she finds a match because I would love to see the look on the guy’s face when he first sees Jessica:

Love Is Blind Jessica Vestal

Of course, JP would probably say Jessica wears too much makeup. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Love Is Blind Season 6 premieres on Netflix on February 14, 2024.

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