Kody Brown on Coyote Pass: ‘Who knows if we’ll ever build on it?’ Sister Wives Talk Back video

Sister Wive Kody Brown mound of dirt Coyote Pass

After the conclusion of Sister Wives Season 18, TLC is airing a series of different Sister Wives specials featuring recent commentary from Christine, Janelle, Meri, Kody and Robyn. In the two-part Sister Wives Talk Back special, the Brown family adults react to the Season 18 premiere episode, as well as questions from fans and social media posts about the show.

One of the social media posts featured was a Starcasm tweet and image depicting what Flagstaff and Coyote Pass might look like in the future. Here’s the original tweet:

And here’s the Sister Wives Talk Back special video clip:

Janelle laughs as she looks at the tweet on an iPad. “I’ve seen this one,” she reveals, before reading the text out loud and adding “still undeveloped” about the status of Coyote Pass in the year 2073. “It’s hilarious,” she says.

Christine is also laughing as she reads the #SomeThingsWillNeverChange hash tag out loud and turns the iPad around to show the camera.

Janelle shares a funny (but true) observation: “That’d be expensive real estate.”

Next up, we see Kody Brown and Robyn Brown on a couch in Brownton Abbey as they check out the tweet. “Coyote Pass might be like that, “Kody begins, “because, uh, you know enough has happened that who knows if we’ll ever build on it.”

Surprisingly, Robyn smiles as she offers up a positive response to the meme. “Well, guess what I like about this pitcher?” She asks. “My dad’s picnic table’s there still. Timeless.”

The camera zooms in on the image to highlight the picnic table in the bottom right. Kody laughs out loud as he and Robyn say together, “It’s all covered in moss!”

Sister Wives Flagstaff Coyote Pass in the future with Robyn's dad's picnic table

“My dad, he’s eternal,” Robyn concludes the scene.

What is the current status of Coyote Pass?

The Brown family FINALLY paid off the Coyote Pass property completely in early June of 2023. As Sister Wives viewers are likely aware, the last parcel to be paid off was the one owned by Kody and Janelle.

The four parcels that comprise Coyote Pass cost the Browns a total of $820,000 in June of 2018.

Below is a map of the parcels as they were originally purchased by the Brown family, including a price breakdown for each parcel. (Christine Brown removed her name from the deed to the parcel she was part owner of in August of 2022.)

Coyote Pass property division among the sister wives

According to property records, as of December 26, 2023, there has been no additional changes in regards to the ownership of the Coyote Pass land parcels. Both Meri and Janelle still remain on the deeds for their parcels.

There is also no indication that the Browns have followed through on their initial plan to realign the Coyote Pass properties after paying it off.

Perhaps Kody (and our meme) is right!

I want to say thanks to Sister Wives producers for using our silly tweet and photo for the special! I was so glad that it manage to make four of the five Brown adults chuckle. 🙂 (I’m hoping Meri laughed as well.)

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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