90 DAY FIANCE Rob Warne’s rich upbringing exposed by cast member

rob warne selfie from 90 day fiancé

90 Day Fiancé star Rob Warne currently lives in a Los Angeles apartment that doesn’t have a bathroom but he may be misrepresenting his financial situation for the cameras.

A fellow cast member has exposed ‘Rob the Knob’s boujee past… read about it here!

Rob and Sophie

Sophie Sierra, 23, and Rob Warne, 32, are a couple featured on season 10 of the TLC reality series 90 Day Fiancé. Sophie hails from London, England while her love interest Rob resides across the pond in Los Angeles, California.

The couple, who met on a site for “mixed race guys,” struggles most surrounding issues with money – even though Rob has sponsored Sophie on a K1 Visa, he doesn’t seem to have any money for dates, jewelry, or indoor plumbing. Yes, Rob currently lives in an apartment village that shares a communal bathroom.

Rob often criticizes Sophie for not understanding him because she comes from “family money” but it turns out that there is a lot more to this story than fans realized. Fellow cast member Statler Riley is accusing Rob of having a similar boujee upbringing.

Rob the Knob exposed

First posted to social media by internet phenom SHABOOTY, Statler Riley from 90 Day Fiancé is apparently going off on her own pages about how Rob Warne isn’t just a knob but he’s also a fraud.

After a “deep dive hyperfocus into Rob’s upbringing,” the reality star outed Warne as growing up in one of the “top 3 richest cities in America” and accuses his family members of having high paying jobs. She also drops a photo of his mother, a sweet looking lady Statler claims would “100% never let her son live on the streets.”

Statler claims that “he very doubtfully had a hard life” because his uncle is a co-director at John Hopkins University and he grew up in Overland Park, KS.

While we aren’t sure their beef, the star explained to a Twitter follower “my passion for my dislike for some people fuels some CIA type stuff inside of me lmao.”

What do you think? Does this expose Rob the Knob as a fraud or is there more to this story that we don’t know?

UPDATE – Starcasm’s Asa Hawks did some follow-up research. Property records indicate that Rob’s mom owns a 1,264-square-foot condominium in Olathe, Kansas. Other condos/townhomes in the same development are currently selling for just under $200,000.

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