WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE Olivia Plath Spotify playlist

After announcing her divorce to Welcome to Plathville star Ethan Plath, newly single wedding photographer Olivia Plath is sharing her Spotify playlist with fans.

Keep scrolling to find out what tunes Olivia is jamming to – ps. she “doesn’t care” if you judge her taste…

Welcome to Plathville divorce

Stars of the hit reality series Welcome to Plathville announced their divorce in October 27, 2023. Yes, unfortunately the TLC couple Ethan and Olivia Plath are calling it quits. The two met when they were young and got married due to alleged “pressure” put on them by their parents and strict Christian religion.

Over the course of their marriage Olivia felt she was growing apart from Ethan as she stepped away from her family’s fundamentalist faith. While she was exploring the world and growing her wedding photography business, Ethan preferred working on his model cars to engaging with his bride.

The relationship failing is two sided, however, as Ethan felt he “couldn’t in good conscious” start a family on the basis of Olivia’s new beliefs, saying in the finale of season 5:

There’s just things I’m not OK with the children that I raise growing up to think and believe. It’s a matter of principle to me.

Starcasm reported the separation the day of their announcement:

Olivia Marie Plath Spotify

Olivia Plath is single and thriving, sharing with her fans details of her journey to freedom on her social media pages. Photos of vacations, work trips, and time with her sisters fill her grid as Plath moves on from Ethan and the entire Plath family.

Most recently Olivia shared her Spotify playlist with fans… something you can check out for yourself by clicking here.

The lists, which Plath doesn’t care if you judge includes the expected “90’s Tunes” and “80’s Beats” and slightly more surprising mixtape titles like “Cigarettes and Sex,” “Tequilaaa” and one entire playlist dedicated to Maroon 5.

Olivia Plath currently has 4 public playlists, 597 followers and is following only 20. Her recently played artists are Darius Rucker, Lee Brice and Carrie Underwood (“Before He Cheatspossibly?

One artist not making Olivia’s list is ex sister-in-law Moriah Jasper Plath. Moriah, who just released her debut album Circus, has music on Spotify but it doesn’t seem to be frequented by the reality star with whom she’s had beef with for years.

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