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Unexpected dad Anthony Vanelli arrested after allegedly stabbing his mom’s boyfriend EXCLUSIVE

The ex of Unexpected mom Rilah Ferrer is back in jail in Florida. Anthony Vanelli was booked on Monday after he allegedly stabbed his mother’s boyfriend repeatedly.

Keep reading for the disturbing details from the arrest report. Plus, a recap of Anthony’s previous legal issues, which include him being ruled incompetent to stand trial last year before being “committed to the Custody of the Department of Children and Family Services for involuntary placement in the Florida State Hospital.”

UNEXPECTED Chloe Mendoza graduates from college at 21

We’d like to send out a spectacularly HUUUUGE congratulations to Unexpected mom Chloe Mendoza as she walked the stage moments ago to receive her diploma from Arizona State University!

Chloe turned 17 less than two weeks before giving birth to her daughter Ava in 2018. Chloe’s not even 22 yet and she’s got her bachelor’s degree! While working and living on her own as a single mom! AMAZING! 👏👏👏