Unexpected Myrka & Ethan drama now involves blackmail, drunken photos, etc.

TLC Unexpected Liliana Myrka and Michelle feud about blackmail, Ethan, etc

The drama between former Unexpected couple Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra continues to escalate this week with accusations of blackmail and LOTS of pettiness. Actually, Ethan has pretty much removed himself from the online drama after his recent car wreck, and it’s just four ladies going back and forth: Myrka, Myrka’s mom Liliana, Ethan’s mom Michelle, and Michelle’s sister Melissa.

If you’re a little bit behind on the latest installment of Pettypalooza, you can visit our previous post for a full recap to get you caught up to speed. Essentially, Myrka continued to suggest Ethan is a deadbeat dad and Ethan’s mom (Michelle) and aunt (Melissa) came to his defense with negative things to say about Myrka and Myrka’s mom (Liliana). Ethan’s accident got lost in the drama shuffle quickly.

Myrka’s posts

Picking up where we left off on our last recap, Myrka clapped back at Michelle and Melissa by posting a couple of very smug photos on her Instagram stories with added written messages. “You wanna talk your sh1t that’s fine,” Myrka wrote on one photo in regards to Michelle. “I have picture proof my girl. Worry about your own literal baby, which I hear you don’t see much .. aw. Son like mother I guess?”

In a separate photo, Myrka can be seen sipping on a straw with the following message for Melissa: “As for your sister she can kiss it at this point. 40 and still living with mommy and daddy? Awe baby get a job instead of talking down on a teen mom ;)”

Myrka also posted a brief video clip on TikTok with the message: “When you make excuses for your deadbeat son 😉✌🏻.”


“Yes tf I went there,” Myrka added in the caption.

“Damn I NEVER would’ve thought they would have treated u like this from what they said in the first episodes… menos el,” one of Myrka’s followers commented. “Girl I have sm tea WITH proof for you,” Myrka replied.

Michelle and Melissa respond to Myrka

Myrka’s posts were shared in the Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook group and Ethan’s aunt Melissa offered up her response. “Baby girl🤣😆🤣😆 you know nothing 😆🤫🤫🤫 First of all I own the house my family lives in and I support my family without complaining about how everyone owes me sh*t. All the abuse allegations you talked about was probably your momma and Dad actually trying to discipline your spoiled ass. I got your 40 mamma right here😆🤣.”

Ethan’s mom Michelle responded with an Instagram story post suggesting that Myrka has been blackmailing her with photos taken of Michelle in her bedroom after she had been drinking a lot:

Since Myrka wants to continue to threaten to blackmail me with pics……

Child, I was drunk 🤷‍♀️ Probably 99.9% of the population probably has been .. And I was in my home …in my bed and it was a one time thing … on my birthday .. You were a guest in my home, yet I had no privacy….. IDC any more baby girl 😘

But you sadly have no understanding of respect because your mother never taught you exactly what that was. 🌳🍎

It’s unclear exactly what Michelle was doing in the photos, but she clarified on Facebook what she wasn’t doing. “I feel like Michelle cheated and Myrka got pictures and that’s part of the reason why her and Charlie spit 👀,” wrote a commenter on Facebook before admitting: “Maybe I’m reaching here 😂.”

“I did not cheat,” Michelle responded, adding the 💯 emoji.

Liliana chimes in

Michelle’s initial post about Myrka was shared by @tlc.unexpectedteaa and Myrka’s mother, Liliana, offered up her rebuttal:

Respect is earned, you don’t automatically have to be respected because you are an adult. You jab at some and that someone will jab back. Myrka is still a minor. You are right the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I taught her to defend her self and to survive. U can be sure of something, your granddaughter will always be safe and will never go without. 👏

Liliana also shared a series of photos and videos in her Instagram stories featuring Attalie that seemed to be a bit of taunting. She also posted a picture in her Instagram feed with herself, Myrka and Attalie. “UNBOTHERED 😌😘,” Liliana captioned the image. “More like … present!” Myrka added.

A screen cap of Liliana’s Instagram photo and caption was shared by @tlc.unexpectedteaa and Liliana let her typing thumbs fly in the comments! I didn’t try to edit much more than capital letters and some punctuation here and there:

COMMENT: It’s nice that Lilliana stepped up into being a grandma, and I’m really glad she did but they can’t act like she was always there when she “wasn’t excited” about her granddaughter being born

COMMENT: ^ this! This said a lot about her character! Bad person.

LILIANA: How can you be excited about something that “in your mind” is ruining the life of your own baby? And look at everything that’s happening, what TLC never said is that I was always there, present. I couldn’t be at the birth due to Covid, we decided Ethan should be the one. You know why they didn’t air the baby shower? I showed up (and there was never a question whether or not I was going to be there because I helped plan it) with Everything the baby needed for the next few months. They wanted me to say the I had done it because I didn’t want the baby to go without and not because I loved her. I told them they could go F**k them selves. And there’s a lot of thing y’all don’t know. That Gender reveal I was never against it, I was proud of it and helped on it as well, the venue was ours, I bought the outfits and piñata etc. Once the choice was made of having the baby I was there. Remember I was Covid and I never stopped working, I didn’t visit often due to fear of taking something to them and I told my daughter that on the daily.

LILIANA: So there, that’s the last I am going to say. Again, I have never disrespected Michelle nor will I ever do it. She can act however she wants she is still Attalie’s grandmother. Oh lastly, my daughter made the choice to leave and be with them, I had just started a new Job and was on probation, my whole world came crumbling down. I also went into depression and separation anxiety but no one cared. I never watched the show because I hated that we weren’t told how it really worked. We were all so naive.

COMMENT: Personally I can’t relate to what you’re speaking on but I am however glad to hear you were present more than TLC let on. But I can say from the outside looking in, the way they showed portions of your daughter’s pregnancy it lead on to be that your feelings changed back and forth on how you felt about your granddaughter being born. With parts of your phone calls with your daughter, facebook comments etc then they would show you going to visit Attalie at Ethan’s parents home. But I am glad to hear you’re doing your best to be civil with Michelle and that you were more present then the show lead on!

LILIANA: There’s a lot of copy pasting on conversations. Things that weren’t even a reaction to the current situation. Yes I was mad, I was betrayed by my daughter and Ethan whom I trusted, I thought them to be way more mature, that was my mistake. And just so we are clear, I don’t dislike Ethan, he is a good kid, he needs direction. I dislike his actions, the way he is reacting towards the separation, the choices he is making. I don’t dislike him, we will forever have a bond through Attalie. So yes, I was p!ssed and said many things, but most were a creation. We just went with it. I just wanted the best for my own kid and saw her life crumble. That’s all. I needed to say all this. I stay quiet for the most part because drama doesn’t pay the bills, but when they directly attack me, when they openly spew hate I will react, I am only human, and I am the only active grand parent on Attalie’s life, that should count for something, just for that they all should wish me good. I hope and pray the turn around, it’s bad when u divorce someone and the whole family divorces the kids, happened to me. 12 yrs and none of my ex’s family members have a relationship with my kids. Only my step daughter whom I am extremely thankful for. I have said my peace and this will be it.

COMMENT: That’s completely understandable, and it’s amazing that you’ve been the more mature person in this situation. And it’s great that you’re being an active grandparent to Attalie, and that does count for a lot if she may ever find this when she gets older. That sounds awful to experience, I’m so sorry to hear, and I hope everyone in your family and Ethan’s family can come together civilly for Attalie’s sake. It’s great that you and Myrka are at least trying to get them to be more involved but there’s only so much you can do. And I thank you for feeling comfortable saying your peace, it brings things into perspective and really clears things up. Now I hope you and your family have an amazing [word left out] Lilliana and hopefully things will turn out for the better for your family!

LILIANA: None of us are bad people, we are just learning from the curb balls life is throwing at us, and some of us are not reacting accordingly. But hopefully it all gets sorted out. I had left and blocked all pages, but I am jus human 😬 Sorry for the pettiness. Oh just so everyone knows, none of us signed up to the show for the money, because we lost more on wages when called than what we got paid, it really put a strain on all of us, we wanted teens to see that parents are not always supportive and it’s hard. Thus me being the villain lol.

Michelle’s sister Melissa on Facebook

Ethan’s aunt Melissa couldn’t resist offering up her take on Facebook, and she wasn’t nearly as positive as Liliana.
MELISSA: Lol Michelle Marroquin Are you listening you need to take some advice from this girl she wants you to quit your job and take the baby out of daycare so that you can sit at home and do tiktok’s And post pictures and comments about Karma all day long 😆🤣
COMMENT: Can you explain what’s going on?

MELISSA: This girl comes from a broken home according to Myrka her mom all her life moved different men in and out Of their homes but she wants to bash my sis and nephew and talk about Karma because my nephew wrecked his car that he got to work in 🤬.. Seriously I won’t stand for it.

COMMENT: You guys are all saying Myrka this & that, but at the end of the day who’s taking care of that baby emotionally and financially? Let’s not forget who wasn’t even at their granddaughters birthday party and who else barely ever sees her and sure don’t help pay for her, he rather hang with his gf buy a car and sell drugs but Myrka is the bad one because she said something she probably didn’t mean cause she was mad at the audacity people who aren’t around for her baby are saying about her? 😞

MELISSA: Well when you’ve got a bitter baby mama that does not let you take the baby that changes things… I guess everything my sister did when that girl lived there was all washed away it meant nothing Or maybe you’re an entitled brat just like her🤷‍♀️🤫

COMMENT: Just because she doesn’t agree with you doesn’t give you the right to comment on her character and try and say she’s an entitled brat? Grow up man ✋
MELISSA: Well if the shoe fits wear it..
COMMENT: I hope they take her to court, y’all have been so nice to her and keeping cool. I also feel like it’s her mom that adds more fuel to the fire 🔥

MELISSA: If she would just keep the peace and keep her mouth shut we wouldn’t be here right now… She loves to start the fire and then plays the victum.

COMMENT: We know. She always been like that. But her mom is like that too. La mamá la enseñó así.
MELISSA: Yes ma’am👍

Clarity on Myrka and Ethan’s situation

Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook group admin Susanna replied to a couple of commenters and provided some additional information about the current co-parenting relationship between Myrka and Ethan.
COMMENT: How is Ethan going to ask for custody when he hardly ever sees Attalie?
COMMENT: I mean, it’s not like he lives next door and a stay at home dad.

COMMENT: It’s also not like he doesn’t have any free time whatsoever. I know he lives far from Attalie but you better believe the only thing that would stop me from seeing my child regularly is my death.

COMMENT: Is she doing any of the travelling? Probably not! Why hasn’t she bothered meeting half way?

COMMENT: Is it her responsibility to make him see his kid? The rule for my mom and dad was if he wanted to see us he has to pick us up from my moms and then my mom would go pick us up from my dads, and yes my mom and dad lived AN HOUR away from each other. Nothing will stop you from seeing your CHILD if you want to see them. I’m sure he’s not working 24 hours 7 days a week.

SUSANNA: Actually she is! She’s gone back to where he lives EVERY weekend since she’s moved and offered for him to come see her and he never did until this weekend when she still took her to him… They had plans for him to see her the other weekend Myrka told him when she was coming down and Ethan admitted he never called while she was down here to set up a time/place to see her even after Myrka said he could and she would be there…. I’m not saying Ethan’s a complete deadbeat by any means but Myrka IS doing her part in trying and that’s been proven by BOTH of them…. Just sharing some facts.

COMMENT: Is he allowed to have her over nights or a few days orrrr only when M is there. That would allow her a break and time for him to be around.

SUSANNA: At first he was but after the last week since it’s been so long since he’s gotten her alone/over night and there’s been some things that have caused her some concern so she wanted him to see her while someone else was with… that’s the last I heard as of like a week ago

That’s it for this installment! I’m not sure if I have the energy for more recaps inf the drama continues, but stay tuned!

Michelle Update

Michelle shared this message in her Instagram stories:

My post was directed at Liliana… A car accident is not karma .. If you don’t have anything intelligent to say just STFU. For those who continue to call Ethan a deadbeat, Ethan is living in a stable home with me and is working his ass off picking up double shifts so that he can secure an attorney to fight for his rights as a father. And yes I will always stand by him 💯 because I know how I raised him .. So Myrka and Liliana can continue to antagonize him on social media, he will do what he needs to do as a father… So if you’re DMing me to talk sh*t just know …I scroll right past them so waste your time if you want 😘

Myrka, Ethan and Liliana updates

This online feud is escalating even further as Ethan rejoins the fracas. Both he and Myrka shared a series of angry Instagram story videos, which were re-posted by @tlc.unexpectedteaa on Instagram. Liliana also sent the account a DM with more of what she wanted to say. I will just embed the Instagram posts below. Be forewarned that the videos do have profanity.

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