Is Laura Barron returning for Unexpected Season 4?

Laura Barron returning for TLC Unexpected Sseason 4?

Unexpected Season 2 mom Laura Barron revealed on Thursday that she recently suffered a miscarriage. One day later, Laura posted that dealing with the loss of her child has been even more difficult because she is currently filming. That seems to be a clear indication that Laura will be joining Lexus Scheller as a returning cast member for Unexpected Season 4.

Laura’s post about filming was a message that accompanied a photo of herself in her Instagram story. “The last thing I wanna be doing is filming for this f**king show,” Laura wrote, “but already signed the contract.”

Laura soon deleted the post and replaced it with a wonderful family photo including herself, husband Tylor, and their two sons Leo and Lucas. (Both images are included above.)

Despite being a reality show about teen moms, Unexpected has set itself apart from MTV’s Teen Mom franchise in several ways. Unlike the popular MTV series, Unexpected records video interviews of the cast members reflecting on what is happening on the show. Those interviews often include the grandparents as well.

Now it seems clear that Unexpected producers are adding a new aspect to their format where they are willing to bring back former cast members. The announcement of the return of Lexus after one season away could have been an anomaly, but if Laura is filming again, that is an indication that bring back moms after time away from the show will be a regular thing.

UPDATE – I am seeing some things online about former cast members filming updates, which could indicate that Lexus and/or Laura aren’t coming back for a full season.

UPDATE – Chloe Mendoza and Emiley Noack shared photos of Zoom video conference call featuring themselves, Lexus Scheller, and Lilly Bennett. That does seem to suggest that they are filming some sort of catch-up special. But where’s Laura?

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UPDATE – Chloe clarified on our Instagram post about this article that all of the former cast members were only filming a catch-up special. “Omg I’ll just clear this up,” Chloe wrote. “The only people returning for season 4 are Tyra and Hailey one. Lexus, Laura, Emiley, Lilly and myself filmed a where are they now thing it’s only 1 episode.” I gotta admit that I’m kinda bummed.

We mentioned in a previous post that, given the success of Unexpected, producers might consider doing a spin-off series with previous cast members. I want to clarify that it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Lexus and/or Laura are filming for the original Unexpected series. It was Lexus’ ex Shayden Massey that spilled the beans about her return, and he did refer to it as “another season of Unexpected.” However, it is easy to imagine a scenario where he would say that even if the show was actually an Unexpected spin-off.

Laura simply referred to it as “this f**king show.”

If there is a spin-off featuring former moms, then the options are pretty limited. There is Lilly Bennett from Season 1 and Emiley Noack from Season 2. Lilly is currently pregnant, and I can totally see her coming back. Emiley reportedly wanted to return to the show, but it was her ex Diego Reyes that declined.

Emiley has a new boyfriend now, and it’s obvious that producers are willing to move forward without the dad like they are doing with Lexus. Diego is currently in the Army, but I can see him being OK with his parents being on the show in his stead. This is all purely speculation though!

Lexus and Laura joining Unexpected Season 4 makes sense as well given that there are only two moms returning from Season 3 that we know of. There is Hailey Tomlinson (including Matthew, but not Hailey 2) as well as Tyra Boisseau. That would mean four returning moms and potentially one new couple?

Getting back to Laura Barron’s return… I’ve stated before that I was disappointed that TLC opted to stop filming Laura and Tylor, especially after Tylor signed up for the Army. I am deeply saddened by the news that the couple recently lost their baby, but I am looking forward to catching up with them and following their journey further!

We will continue to monitor all the Unexpected casting news and will keep you all updated.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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