UNEXPECTED Tyra and Alex split gets messy; is Alex’s new girlfriend pregnant?!

TLC Unexpected Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson break up

On the current season of TLC’s Unexpected, viewers are watching the relationship between parents Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson fall apart.

Unfortunately for fans of the couple, Alex and Tyra do eventually split up. It seemed their break up was going to transition into a co-parenting relationship rather peacefully in the beginning, but that has all gone to pot over the past month or so. I’m going to try to do a brief recap of some of the recent drama to help viewers close the gap between what they are seeing on the show and what is happening now. There has been A LOT of drama, so please do not consider this to be a thorough recap!

I will start off with excerpts from an Instagram live that Tyra did a few weeks ago. The live occurred after the identity of Alex’s new girlfriend had been revealed, and there were a lot of fans going after her online.

“My life isn’t about Alex. My life is about myself and Layla,” Tyra said in response to the break up. She then praised Alex in an attempt to keep things positive. “I have a beautiful daughter that Alex has given me, and I will thank him for that every single day. And I appreciate everything he does for her as a father.” Tyra added that Alex “holds a high place in Layla’s heart, let me tell y’all, and I will always respect that.”

Tyra on coparenting

We’re still parents. We still have to figure things out for Layla. And our relationship has been going on for so long, so I think we still have some things to figure out in our relationship, like where we draw lines at, because we’ve never drawn lines for each other, ever. Ever. Even when we have taken breaks in the past.

So, it will be difficult, but it can be done.

Tyra on people attacking Alex’s girlfriend

That’s not fun for me to see. Y’all don’t have to expose him or that girl. Y’all don’t have to do that because y’all are giving her more attention and, like, it’s not good for me. I’m sure things will still be said about it. I’m sure I’ll still see posts. But, if you guys really cared about the people that you review and make posts about every single day — if you guys cared about our actual feelings — I follow some of these posts. I react to some of these posts.

Near the conclusion of the video, Tyra thanked her supporters and continued to praise Alex. “I love you guys and I thank y’all for being here for me through this time in my life. Like I said, I do love Alex and I do care for him deeply. And I hope that he is happy.”

Alex’s girlfriend Hanna

Alex’s girlfriend is named Hanna and she lives in Texas. Alex made a trip to see her, and of course they hooked up.

Unlike Tyra, Hanna isn’t too concerned about trying to keep things positive. In addition to her distasteful Instagram posts and comments, there have been a series of alleged screen capped text message exchanges with Hanna that are nothing short of repulsive.

In addition to her off-putting comments, Hanna has also suggested that she is currently pregnant with Alex’s baby. However, she admits to sleeping with the father of her other child on the same day that she slept with Alex. So, if she is pregnant, I don’t think she can know who the father actually is.

In one alleged text message exchange, Hanna reveals that she is thinking about having an abortion and not telling Alex, or telling him that she miscarried. The person asks Hanna why she would sleep with Alex and her ex on the same day, and Hanna’s reply in the screen caps is “🀣YOLO ”

Later in the alleged conversation, Hanna talks about Tyra and Alex’s daughter, Layla. “Mine and Alex’s baby would have looked so much cuter that Tyra’s baby πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘Ή,” the text reads.

The other person in the conversation responds by insisting that Layla is cute. “She is cute in a troll like way πŸ’€πŸ’€,” is the response attributed to Hanna. “You can’t even deny that one girl πŸ˜‚.”


Tyra, Alex and Hanna drama

Hanna continued to talk smack online, and Tyra hit Alex where it really hurt — by selling his PlayStation 5! (Actually, Tyra has stated that she paid for it, so that would mean it was hers.)

Alex was unperturbed:

TLC Tyra sells Alex's Playstation 5

Tyra replied to a post by @TLCUnexpected on Instagram by saying of Alex: β€œHe pays my bills ain’t got nothing to worry about πŸ˜‚β€

That statement drew a response from Hanna. “But every other week it’s ‘Alex doesn’t have any money.’ ‘Alex doesn’t pay my bills.’ 🀣🀣🀣🀣 But now he does??? OH OKAY. 😚”

Tyra was still keeping things relatively nice with Hanna, but the same cannot be said for Tyra’s sister, Tiarra.

“You weird,” Tiarra responded to Hanna’s comment, adding a laughing emoji. “Tell Alex bring yo ass to KY and let’s see if you keep all this energy that you got. 🀨 My family would LOVE to meet you.”

Hanna seemed up for the challenge, but not up for the road trip. She replied by writing “come whoop me” along with a Denton, TX address. The address she provided turned out to be a bus stop, so it’s unclear if it was a bluff, or if that bus stop is where Denton women settle their disputes Thunderdome style.

Meanwhile, Tyra was still struggling to keep things relatively civil as she expressed her astonishment at Hanna’s hostility:

It’s crazy someone can call you out [by] your name when you haven’t wished nothing but happiness for them. People forget when you were sitting there with nothing together. I’m done with the whole situation. I might deserve this but my daughter don’t. πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Alex’s mom Julie chimed in on one of Alex’s Instagram live session to defend him. “I ain’t got nothing to do with that but nobody gonna talk about my son and I am proud of him. He has a full-time job, pays all his bills, and takes damn good care of Layla.” She implied there was more to tell about Tyra in another comment: “Everybody wanna say something about you being with Layla, if they only knew the truth.”

Hanna shared a photo (or video?) of Alex holding a gun and wrote: “They not that dumb.” I have NO IDEA what the context is:

OK, that should pretty much get you caught up. There is A LOT of stuff that I left off, but if you’ve digested everything above then you should be well-equipped enough to enter any Unexpected Facebook group or subreddit and know what’s going on. Please note: This may not be the case in a couple days because who knows what might happen between now and then?!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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