UNEXPECTED Rilah’s ex Anthony Vanelli gets pre-trial diversion for domestic violence charge

TLC Unexpected Rilah and Anthony

We have an update on the court case for Unexpected dad Anthony Vanelli, who was arrested for domestic battery after an altercation with ex Rilah Ferrer in October.

Anthony was in court earlier this week and agreed to a pre-trial diversion program. That essentially means that Anthony has been placed on probation for nine months, and if he manages to adhere to the list of conditions, the charge will be dropped.

Here is the full list of conditions:
1. You shall submit a written monthly report to the diversion office between the first and last day of each month. You may also be instructed to report in person at the discretion of the Diversion Officer.
2. You shall refrain from violation of any law (Federal. State, or local). In the event of a criminal arrest while on the Diversion Program, you are subject to automatic dismissal.
3. You shall associate only with law-abiding persons.
4. You will work regularly at a lawful occupation; and/or pursue a course of studies as a full-time student.

5. You shall complete 20 HOURS of Community Service.

6. You shall pay $3.15 insurance fee to B.O.C.C. prior to coming into intake.

7. You will pay a total program fee for cost of supervision of $300.00 for 6 months or $450.00 for 9 months. Payments can be made in monthly payments. The balance due must be paid in full 30 days prior to the termination date. (Money Orders, Cashier, Checks, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard with proper Identification only). The Batterer’s Intervention Program is a one-time fee of $100.00 for the Cost of Supervision.
8. Take an active part in counseling program listed below and cooperate, attend all scheduled appointments, and cooperate with any referrals your counselor recommends. (BATTERER’S INTERVENTION PROGRAM, MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION AND COUNSELING AS RECOMMENDED )
9. You shall immediately inform the Pretrial Diversion Program of any change in residence or employment.

10. You will cooperate in verifying any information requested by the Pretrial Diversion Program You will promptly and truthfully, answer all inquiries directed to you by the Court or the Pretrial Diversion Officer, and allow the Officer to visit your home, employment site, or elsewhere you will comply with all instructions he or she may give you.

11. You will not possess, carry, or own any weapons without first procuring the consent of your Pretrial Diversion Officer.

12. You will pay an Investigative Fee totaling $76.30 made payable to the Seminole County Clerk of Court.
13. You will Pay $50.00 Cost of Prosecution to the Seminole County Clerk of Court.
14. Other special conditions:


The State Attorney may during the period of deferred prosecution, revoke or modify the conditions of your deferred prosecution by:

Changing the period of deferred Prosecution.

Prosecuting You for this offense if you violate any of these conditions.

Voiding this agreement, should it be determined you have a prior record of adult criminal convictions, or criminal involvement, or that you have given false information to the program staff.

Prior to Anthony getting the pre-trial diversion, he posted a series of video streams on Instagram live that really showed his true colors. Unlike the quiet and seemingly slow witted guy that we see on screen, Anthony is actually quite loud in the videos as he attacks Rilah and Rilah’s reported new boyfriend.
Some of Anthony’s streams have been preserved for posterity by @tlcunexpected.tea on Instagram — and they are truly revolting. Lil gangsta Anthony’s vocabulary is roughly 22% the “n” word as he un-ironically let’s Rilah’s boyfriend know how unattractive he is. He also goes off on a homophobic tirade about the guy, calling him a fa***t repeatedly.

Throughout Anthony’s rants, you can read comments mocking him and pointing out how absurdly ridiculous and childish he is. At one point, he demonstrates the ability to read as he reacts to one of the comments by a girl named Jasmine. “Yo! Whoever Jasmine is, b*tch you dog hoppin’!” Anthony says. “You probably get your a** slapped by like 30 ni**as. Shut up Jasmine! You little dumb hoe!”

There are A LOT of clips of Anthony’s streams on @tlcunexpected.tea’s page, but I’m only going to embed the first three below. In the first clip, Anthony brags about slapping b*tches for no reason, which was probably ill-advised given that he was still facing the domestic violence charge at the time. In the second clip, he starts to go in on Rilah specifically as he accuses her of over-feeding their daughter and giving her a yeast infection. (In a later stream, Anthony boasted about having money but not telling Rilah about it. I’m also pretty sure he is rolling a joint at one point.)
Enough from me — I will let Anthony speak for himself:

UPDATE – Anthony’s Instagram posts have been deleted.

And here are a few quotes from some of Anthony’s other clips:
To Rilah: “You’re trying to say that some other ni**a that didn’t nut in you can do better than me for my child.”
To Rilah: “That’s what you are, a dumb b*tch. You’re one of those dumb Puerto Ricans.”

Unexpected Rilah Ferrer ex Anthony Vanelli quote

As we previously reported, Rilah and Anthony will not be back for Unexpected Season 4. She explained her decision in a series of tweets back in early January. After pointing out that producers elected to leave out much of what they filmed, Rilah continued: “Why choose me to be on this dumb show if you barely show my footage? Me not doing the show could’ve saved me the headache of getting attacked by a bunch of boomer ass b*tches on FB and IG. It is what it is though. Just never again.”
I’m guessing there is a pretty good chance that Anthony won’t make it the full nine months without violating one of his conditions. We will keep an eye on it and update if there are any major developments.

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