UNEXPECTED Myrka and Ethan abuse allegations recap

Unexpected Myrka and Ethan together at daughter Attalie's first birthday

Unexpected couple Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra broke up earlier this year, but neither Myrka nor Ethan shared very many details about what caused the split. That has recently changed as both Myrka and Ethan have been posting online and sharing screen capped text messages that include allegations of abuse.

The tea spilling began with a TikTok video posted by Myrka last week. In the clip, Myrka lip syncs to the Lil Wayne song “Love Me” boasting about being able to have sex with whomever she wants — and to not have sex with whomever she wants.
However, it wasn’t the lyrics that Myrka was pretending to sing that raised eyebrows, it was what she wrote over top of the video. “When y’all break up and people expect you to be sad Bc y’all have a baby…Like I’m finally free, happy, and untouched ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿคš๐Ÿผ.” She captioned the image in part by writing: “No more toxic environment.”

Myrka’s use of the word “untouched” had some commenters openly speculating that prior reports of Ethan hitting Myrka might be true — reports that both Myrka and Ethan previously denied. Myrka responded to several commenters on the TikTok video, further suggesting that Ethan was abusive towards her:
MYRKA: ๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿผ๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿผ๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿผ
COMMENT: Ethan come whop on her one more time ๐Ÿ˜‚
MYRKA: The law says he can’t no more ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
COMMENT: Did he even tell his daughter happy birthday? Bc he seemed to be more preoccupied with stupid sh*t.
MYRKA: Nurppp.

The post and Myrka’s comments had the internet all abuzz about whether or not Ethan physically abused Myrka. Ethan did an Instagram live video response in which he flatly denied ever abusing Myrka, or any other female. “I’ve never laid a hand on a female and I never will,” he stated.

Ethan went on to confirm that he doesn’t see his daughter Attalie much at all, but he argued that he is working all of the time. He also pointed out that he doesn’t own his own car and he and Myrka currently live 45 minutes apart. He said that he is close to being able to purchase his own car, and he hopes that will enable him to see Attalie more often.

Here is the live video:

Myrka’s initial TikTok post and screen caps of her comments were posted in the Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook group, and Ethan later shared his side of the birthday controversy with the group admins. His receipts included screen capped text messages between himself and Myrka, as well as audio of his happy birthday message for their daughter Attalie.

“Happy birthday princess!” The audio message from Ethan begins. “Daddy misses you! I love you baby. Happy one year!” According to the time on the screen cap, the message was sent just after midnight on a Wednesday. Attalie’s first birthday was Wednesday, June 16.

The rest of the text messages were mostly instances of Ethan texting Myrka looking for updates on Attalie. Here is the message from the Facebook group admin Susanna providing context for the gallery of photos and videos:

As I said before there is ALWAYS two side to everything! Ethan may not have been able to see Attalie lately but he has in fact been keeping in touch and checking in on her! He did reach out with a voice message for Attalie for her Birthday but I guess since it was technically after midnight Myrka has said he didnโ€™t call her on her birthday but he DID send a happy birthday voice message to her as heard in SR!

I know all This may seem to becoming a bit to invasive But itโ€™s out there and itโ€™s only fair for him to get to share his side!
So here are the SS of him asking about her and checking in and SR of his voice messages to his daughter he would like everyone to know that he is trying and is trying to keep in touch with her…

– Ethan would also like to make it known that he isnโ€™t trying to talk down on Myrka nor say anything bad about her he isnโ€™t sure why all this is being said but since itโ€™s out there he wants to make it clear that he Loves his daughter, he is in touch with her and is trying to do right by her.

Ethan responded to some of the comments left on the gallery post:
ETHAN: You guys know I donโ€™t post anything about my relationship or my drama and I also donโ€™t feed into what you guys say about me but this kind of escalated to far so I had to step in and defend myself.
COMMENT: I feel like none of this should have ended up on social media and then needed to handle it privately.
ETHAN: Exactly but some people like to start drama.
COMMENT: This also shows us what HE wants us to see.
ETHAN: Remember I didnโ€™t start this Iโ€™m just defending myself I never say anything about anyone I never bash my ex and Iโ€™m not doing that still all Iโ€™m doing is Defending myself remember everything I posted was just things you guys are saying about me.

Soon after the gallery of Ethan’s receipts were posted, Myrka sent the Facebook group admins her receipts. Those receipts included what appears to be a domestic violence abuse form filed by Myrka’s counselor. Dated January 19, the form includes this question and answer:

What is your concern about physical abuse or inappropriate discipline?

Summary: I [redacted], LPC am the current treatment provider for Myrka Arriaga (DOB 01/03/2004) as of 04/06/2020. During the session today (01/19/2021), Myrka reported that in the early hours of this morning (beginning at approximately 2:00 a.m.) she terminated the relationship with her infant daughter’s father Ethan due to domestic violence.

Myrka reports that while laying on her bed, her infant daughter (Attalie DOB: 06/16/2020) was partially laying on her chest while she was looking at videos on her cell phone. Myrka reports that Ethan then told her to go to the adjacent bedroom to retrieve a bucket/pot. Myrka reports that she told Ethan that she would do so “in just a minute”. After a few seconds Ethan reportedly yelled at Myrka for not getting up fast enough and then grabbed her by her hair (top of heed, close to forehead area) and yanked her hair in an effort to get her up. While this was happening, Myrka reports that she secured her arms around her infant daughter so that Attalie would not fall.

Immediately thereafter, Mryka told Ethan that he needed to leave and that the relationship was over. Myrka reports that Ethan stated in response, “Its not like I abused you or anything.” Mryka then left her bedroom and took her infant daughter with her and alerted her father [redacted] (with whom she currently resides) about the incident. Her father reportedly spoke with Ethan who was allowed to stay for the remainder of the night and then asked to leave in the morning.

Myrka and her infant daughter slept in the same room as her father and stepmother in an effort to stay safe and to protect her infant daughter. Ethan slept in a different room. Myrka reports that she engaged in protective parenting since she does not want to expose her infant daughter to an environment of domestic violence.

Myrka also shared this message as a brief summary of what happened after the incident:

That was in January but we ended up getting back together and after that our relationship wasn’t the same. It just became a habit more verbal and emotional abuse if anything. Why lie. I got fed up and told him I didn’t want to be with him any more. He said he felt the same way and that’s why we broke up. Everything went downhill after a while of being split up. I had more hopes for our co-parenting relationship but that’s kinda all in the gutter now.

In addition to the domestic abuse information and Myrka’s update, the gallery also included LOTS of text messages between Ethan and Myrka. Some of the exchanges are the same ones that Ethan shared, but Myrka has included the parts that Ethan edited out. The exchanges are mostly petty bickering, as well as Ethan claiming that he is aware that Myrka allegedly had oral sex with another guy. Ethan goes on and on and on about that. He also goes on and on and on demanding that Myrka stop texting him — which is a bit ironic.

Here is one of the screen caps. Ethan’s messages are on the left:
Unexpected Ethan and Myrka texts

Ethan was once again in the comments section. Here are some excerpts, including Ethan’s “last text” on the subject:
ETHAN: Lol I covered things up because because I was only addressing what was said about me and not being stupid and making a bigger problem but if thatโ€™s all you want๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝ

COMMENT: Ethan Ybarra this is disgusting!! How dare you talk to the woman who gave you your little girl like that! This SCREAMS toxic toxic toxic. Enough excuses you need to go get some help dude. Myrka didnโ€™t deserve any of that.
ETHAN: There is always two sides to everything but Iโ€™m done defending my self from her she wants to put me down with everything she gots go ahead I havenโ€™t posted or said anything bad about you if anything I was trying to end all this last night and make it go away so people stop bashing on you even if your bashing on me because I am a bigger person and if you guys donโ€™t see that then idk what to say everything I have posted was what you have sad about me and I proved it all wrong I donโ€™t have to say or do anything anymore believe what you guys want I have bigger and more mature priorities than fighting and defending my self.

ETHAN: I hope this is my last text on here I don’t want to come back for any reason I believe everything should be taken down about what’s been going on we have shared what we had to say and I don’t want anymore drama plus you guys are starting to bash on her and I didn’t want that at all I just wanted to defend myself but now that I have I would like to wish that all the post and stuff be taken down if that’s ok with everybody I just don’t want this drama in my life and I don’t want to create more stress on Myrka or myself I hope you guys understand that it’s not healthy for us or you all I mean all I’m reading is gross and mean things about both of us and I feel like the issue should stay between Myrka and I. I hope we can stay private about our lives because all this is really hurting us mentally and physically I say We just let bygones be by bygones…I don’t want anything to escalate anymore I just want it to end right her and forget about it for the greater good ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝ

I will conclude with some wonderful photos from Attalie’s mermaid-themed birthday party attended by both Ethan and Myrka.


Ethan’s parents are not in the photos, and I do not know if they were in attendance. But, here is a photo of Ethan and Attalie posted by Ethan’s mom, Michelle:


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