TLC Unexpected Season 5 returning cast revealed REPORT

TLC Unexpected Season 5 cast will include returning moms Lilly Bennett Jenna Ronan Tyra Boisseau Tiarra Boisseau and Taylor Williams

Fans of TLC’s popular teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected have been getting a lot of mixed messages from the Season 4 cast as far as who was coming back and who wasn’t. We now have a bit of clarity as a reliable source reveals which moms (and dads) will be back!

The tea was spilled by the folks in charge of the Everything TLC Unexpected Facebook group, who have a stellar track record with accurate info thanks to their connections to the cast members and their families. The group is expanding to Instagram and set a benchmark of 7,000 followers before making the cast reveal. Thankfully, their Instagram account hit their goal and we have the scoop!

So which moms will be back for Unexpected Season 5? IF you couldn’t tell from the photo above, it will be Lilly Bennett, Jenna Ronan, Tyra Boisseau and Tiarra Boisseau. But wait! Tyra and Tiarra will be joined by their cousin, Taylor Williams, who is currently pregnant with her second child! (In case you missed it, Tiarra is also pregnant with her second child.)

Fans may recall Taylor because she was featured in the first season due to the fact that Tyra, Tiarra and Taylor all got pregnant within a year of each other. I will include the intro video for the three of them at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the actual cast announcement from Everything TLC Unexpected:

Soooo here it is the FIRST Exclusive for UNEXPECTED SEASON 5…..


🤩 Jenna, Tyra, Lilly annnnd the TWIST is…. Tiarra Tyra’s sister & Taylor their cousin! 👏

Yesssss the fan favorites are returning with a special twist along the way!

Buuuuut WE AREN’T DONE! Keep and eye out because as always we have some more tea to spill! 😏❤️

It appears as though the additional tea spillage will include at least one new addition to the cast for Season 5. We will certainly be keeping our eyes and ears open for that announcement!

Here’s the video featuring Tyra, Tiarra and Taylor:

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