Laura Barron

UNEXPECTED Laura and Lucas reunite with Tylor at his Navy boot camp graduation

The happily ever after continues for Unexpected couple Laura Barron and Tylor Strawmyer! As we were the first to report in late September, Tylor joined the Navy and had just left for boot camp — two months after the couple got married. Tylor completed his eight-week boot camp stint last week, and Laura made the trip up to see him after graduation.

UNEXPECTED Tylor joins the Navy! Plus, he explains the cheating, his hair & the whole male stripping thing

Unexpected dad Tylor Strawmyer has inspired A LOT of conversations among viewers this season! In addition to openly considering a career as a male stripper (in front of Laura’s very Christian parents, no less), Tylor was also called out by Laura for cheating. Tylor has tackled all of these topics on social media, as well as explaining how he got those bald patches in his hair — and revealing that he has joined the Navy!?

You’re Cut Off’s Jennifer Jowett blames DUI on life coach Laura Baron

Arguably the most controversial pampered princess featured in Season 2 of VH1’s You’re Cut Off is Jennifer Jowett. Jowett has made headlines recently for a DUI arrest that occurred the night of the show’s premiere. According to TMZ the take-no-crap queen bee is singling out show host and life coach Laura Baron as the reason for the arrest! Read on for how Jowett has come to the conclusion that Laura caused her to get in her car while intoxicated and drive.

Bonus: Catch a rage fueled clip that highlights the tensions between the two.

Top 10 quotes from You’re Cut Off season 2 premiere

Check out our 10 favorite quotes from the premiere episode for season 2 of You’re Cut Off in addition to photos of the new crop of pampered princesses. For example:

“I know I’m not stupid. My high school GPA was like two-point-something but I’m not a handyman.”

Bonus You can also watch the entire first episode here before its televised premiere tonight that includes one queen bee who doesn’t even make it through the first day!

Tiaras and hookahs: VH1’s “You’re Cut Off” recap & best quotes

VH1’s new show You’re Cut Off is king of pure genius. The photo above alone is evidence enough that this show is gold. Whoever cooked this reality masterpiece added just the right measurements of diamonds, Louis Vuitton, boxed wine, entitlement, tiaras, nakedity, “investment banking” cigarettes, hookahs, and green carpeting. It’s a delicate mix, and easy […]

Who is VH1’s ‘You’re Cut Off’ life coach Laura Baron?

VH1 is set to launch a new reality show called You’re Cut Off in which they take nine spoiled rotten young women and cut them off from life’s little necessities like mani-pedis, endless shopping runs and bottle service. I know, that sounds so cruel. The host of the show or should I say “life coach” is easy on the eyes Laura Baron. So exactly who is Laura Baron and what qualifies her to teach our young princesses about hard-core real life living? Lets find out more about the lovely life coach including photos, videos, bio and more.