UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins pregnant with a boy, due May 2022

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins pregnant

Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins is pregnant and due in May of 2022!
The 21-year-old former reality star made the announcement on Instagram on Saturday. She shared a gallery of images sporting a shirt with a pumpkin over her baby bump. “We’re back and we’re expecting!!!” McKayla captioned the gallery, which also included her husband, Ethan Tenney.

“Excited to announce we’ll be having a baby boy May 6th, 2022” McKayla continued. She added a blue heart and the hash tag #13weekspregnant, revealing just how far along she is.

In addition to the gallery and the announcement, McKayla also did a question and answer session in her stories. Here is a transcript:

MCKAYLA: I decided to enjoy my first 3 months of pregnancy in peace, but I’m excited to get back to it & make YouTube vids documenting another pregnancy. Thank you all for the kind words 💙 It’s been a while, let’s catch up (:
QUESTION: Do you guys have any baby names picked out?
MCKAYLA: We do (: I’m letting Ethan name this baby bc I’m horrible with boy names and it’s his first and last baby 😂

QUESTION: Did you plan this baby?
MCKAYLA: Yes! Ethan and I decided we wanted one more baby.. We decided not to wait bc we want the kids to be close in age so we decided to just have our last one now and I’m getting my tubes tied once he’s here (:

QUESTION: Anything you’re gonna do different with this baby than your other 2?
MCKAYLA: Yes (: I’m going to be pumping with this baby and he won’t be circumcised.

QUESTION: Why did you cut your hair off? It’s so pretty long.
MCKAYLA: Bc I was depressed and the thought of showering and having to do my hair was too much. Plus, I don’t mind my hair short. It grows & there’s always wigs.

QUESTION: How’d you find out you were preggo? If you don’t mind sharing. 😊
MCKAYLA: I was tracking my ovulation bc we’re trying so I just tested when I thought I could get a positive.

QUESTION: Did you take the sneak peek to get your gender results so early!? Congratulations!!
MCKAYLA: I did! But I also got a blood test done at my 10-week Dr. appointment to confirm the gender and check for any genetic disorders.

QUESTION: Are the kids excited fora sibling?
MCKAYLA: They don’t really understand there will be an actual baby 😂 They know there’s a baby in my belly and they like listening to the heart monitor, but they don’t fully get it. They’re excited though, I think.

QUESTION: What are some names Ethan likes?
MCKAYLA: Ethan only likes one name as of rn, so I don’t wanna give it away.

QUESTION: How old are your other kids?
MCKAYLA: 4 and 2.
QUESTION: Noticed you said you were tracking, can you go into detail with that, I’m trying as well. 😊
MCKAYLA: Yes! I’m going to make a YouTube video all about it (:

QUESTION: Will your husband then get a vasectomy after this baby?
MCKAYLA: If he wants.

QUESTION: How is your pregnancy going? Any different than your other two?
MCKAYLA: I’ve been super sick& always exhausted. I have 0 energy, like to the point I can’t shower, exercise, get up early, etc. It’s getting better tho, so I’m hopeful.

QUESTION: Are your kids’ sun signs compatible?
MCKAYLA: Timmy is a Cancer, Grace is an Aquarius & this baby will be a Taurus. I’m a Cancer & Ethan’s a Taurus. Haha.

QUESTION: Are you going to keep doing OnlyFans while pregnant?
MCKAYLA: Yes, it’s my main source of income. Link in bio.

QUESTION: Why no circumcision?
MCKAYLA: After Timmy had it, I regretted it, it looked very painful & I don’t want to put another baby through that. I did it with Timmy to lessen the chance of infection, but after I’ve learned more about the uncircumcised penis I feel it’s just as effective at preventing infection. So I just decided I’m going to keep him intact.

QUESTION: How long were you guys trying for baby number 3? ♥️
MCKAYLA: We got pregnant the first month we started trying (:

QUESTION: I also wanna get my tubes tied. Can you document what that’s like?
MCKAYLA: For sure!
QUESTION: How did you tell him that you were pregnant? 🤰🏻
MCKAYLA: When I got my first positive I ran into the bedroom and showed him.

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins pregnant positive pregnancy test

QUESTION: Can they do tube tying right after birth, or do you gotta wait?
MCKAYLA: I’m not sure. I’m going to talk to my doctor about it at my next appointment. I’d like to do it right after birth while I’m in the hospital if possible.

QUESTION: Will you be returning to Unexpected with this pregnancy? If not, why?
MCKAYLA: F*** no. I’m an adult so I don’t even think they would want me back & I never enjoyed filming while pregnant. I want this pregnancy to be peaceful & I’ll film when I want. (:

QUESTION: How is married life?
MCKAYLA: Amazing. He’s my best friend and marriage has been an effortless experience with him. He’s my rock and I never wanna do life without him. He’s a great bonus dad & baby dad, I’m really blessed.

MCKAYLA: Listen, if you have a problem with me “popping out another kid,” that’s your problem. I’m 21, married, been living on my own with no support from my grandparents since 2018, other than baby sitting but wtf does that matter. I’m not a teen anymore, stop treating me like one lol. It’s so funny y’all have a problem with me having kids, like it’s your life or something???? So weird lol.

QUESTION: Are you planning to do anything different this birth? Home or hospital?
MCKAYLA: Hospital, but I’m going to try and go all natural.

QUESTION: What does your family think about baby #3?! 🙂
MCKAYLA: Everyone is really excited, my side and Ethan’s side.

QUESTION: Is Ethan able to go to your apts with you? (: One OB I went to a few months ago wouldn’t allow it. 😡
MCKAYLA: Yes! He’s gone to every appt with me.
QUESTION: People angry with you for being preggo as if they pay any of your bills or put food on your table. Hilarious. 😂
MCKAYLA: Right. Like, I think I understand what having a baby entails, if no one remembers I did have 2? I know if I can support one or not, like? Do people really think I’d have another baby if I couldn’t care for it… I’m literally laughing.

QUESTION: A 4th baby isn’t an option? What if later in life you want more?
MCKAYLA: Ethan and I will adopt if we end up wanting a baby later in life. I just know 100% I never want to be pregnant again.

QUESTION: Do you think it’s a good idea to only circumcise one of your sons knowing how females are?
MCKAYLA: I’m not thinking about chicks making fun of my son’s penis in the future when making this decision. I’m making this decision based off what My son experienced with his circumcision, what I saw when he got circumcised and what’s better for him. If a female doesn’t like it then I’m going to teach my son that she doesn’t deserve his time.

QUESTION: Is your family supportive of this baby?
MCKAYLA: Yes, they all are very excited. Everyone came to my gender reveal last night & everyone was happy for us. Especially all the guys lol.

QUESTION: Are you going to be filming your labor and delivery and making it into a YouTube video?
MCKAYLA: Yes (: I might go live too, I’m not sure yet. It’s only going to be Ethan and I in the delivery room so I’ll be able to focus more.

QUESTION: Do you have your own house?
MCKAYLA: Yes, we bought our house. Yes, bought. Some people get confused when I say this, but we pay a mortgage not rent lol. It’s our house, anyways we bought it in July of this year.

QUESTION: When are you going to make your first YouTube video? I’m so excited!!!!
MCKAYLA: Just filmed, gonna edit & post hopefully by end of day ❤️

QUESTION: Wouldn’t it be safer for him to get a vasectomy considering you could die? Just curious fr.
MCKAYLA: I mean, I could die during childbirth… We might consider doing both bc he doesn’t want anymore kids and I don’t want anymore kids, so the ultimate BC would be to get us both fixed. 😂 But the main reason is bc I have 3 kids so it would be easier for me to get fixed than him.. He’ll only have one baby that he made so idk if a dr would also include the 2 we have together thru marriage or not. Plus, he’s 21 so it’s just tricky.

QUESTION: Are you going to be showing little babe’s face?
MCKAYLA: I will not.
* * * END OF Q&A * * *

Some of McKayla’s Unexpected co-stars shared their congratulations in the comments:

LILLY BENNETT: Congrats mama!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
LAURA BARRON: Congrats beautiful ❤️

The pregnancy announcement comes as a bit of a surprise for a number of McKayla’s followers. McKayla had talked about not wanting any more children, and even discussed the likelihood of Ethan getting a vasectomy after she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year. In case you missed it, McKayla announced she was five weeks pregnant in May, but lost the baby soon after. She explained that she knew about the pregnancy early on because she and Ethan were actively trying to get pregnant.

Soon after her miscarriage, McKayla married her fiance Ethan Tenney in a small ceremony at her step-grandad Timothy’s house in Salem, Ohio on May 22. She later revealed that she and Ethan closed on a house and they have since moved in.

Congratulations to McKayla and Ethan! McKayla’s certainly has her fair share of detractors, but I think it would be hard for anyone to deny that she and Ethan seem great together, especially in contrast to McKayla’s toxic relationship with Caelan Morrison.

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