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UNEXPECTED Are Emiley and Diego back together?

TLC Unexpected couple Emiley Noack and Diego Reyes continue to spark rumors that they are back together by posing for photos together with their daughter Aria Beckett. Emiley has been quick to deny the rumors, claiming that she is merely creating memories for her daughter with the amicable photo shoots. However, a recent photo of Emiley, Diego and Aria Becket going for a swim looks like there is a lot more going on than just a scrapbook photo op!

UNEXPECTED Emiley & Diego pose for prom photos with daughter Aria, ‘on great terms now’

Fans of the TLC reality series Unexpected were a little shocked this weekend when photos surfaced online of estranged exes Emiley Noack and Diego Reyes posing together with their daughter Aria, who was all dressed up to go to prom with her dad. But, as you can easily ascertain based on the fact that only Diego is dressed up, Emiley was not attending. However, the photo certainly seems to indicate that the two parents are getting along MUCH better these days — which Emiley confirms in a new YouTube video.

TLC UNEXPECTED Are Emiley and Diego still together? Plus, photos of their baby daughter Aria! SPOILERS

On Season 2 of TLC's teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected, viewers got to meet 18-year-old expectant mom Emiley Noack as she struggles to keep her relationship with the baby's father, 17-year-old Diego Reyes, intact -- something she is having great difficulty with thanks to Diego's horrible attitude and seemingly unending supply of disrespect for everyone around him. So what happened to the couple? Are they still together after the birth of their child? And what about those bay deets? Keep reading to find out!