UNEXPECTED MacKayla Adkins wedding photos with husband Ethan Tenney

McKayla Adkins wedding photos

The past month has been quite the whirlwind for former Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins and her fans! The 20-year-old reality star revealed that she was engaged to fiance Ethan Tenney late last month, and just a few weeks later she announced that she is pregnant with her third child. McKayla hinted at the time of her pregnancy reveal that she and Ethan were planning to get married in a couple weeks, and it appears that they followed through with that plan as McKayla shared a series of wedding photos on Saturday!

“Officially Mrs. Tenney,” she captioned a selfie in which she could be seen in a satiny topaz colored dress and similarly tinted wig. In another photo, Ethan is seen kissing the bride and McKayla simply wrote: “HUBBYYYY.”

The event may have been a bit too much for McKayla to handle because she shared another photo kissing her new spouse and added the caption: “LOL I just passed out at my wedding.”

McKayla also shared an Instagram story post from a Columbus, Ohio photographer who was taking pictures of the ceremony. The preview screen of the photographer’s camera indicates a date of May 22, which seems to confirm that McKayla and Ethan’s ceremony was on Saturday.

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins husband Ethan Tenney
Unexpected McKayla Adkins wedding pictures Ethan Tenney
McKayla Adkins wedding dress photo full length

Ethan and McKayla are both from the same county in Ohio (prior to and after living together), so I tried to track down their marriage license. Unfortunately, I had no luck. That could be because there is a delay before the filings show up online, the couple got married in another county, or the marriage is not yet official.

UPDATE – I did some research and can confirm that the photos McKayla shared were taken in the empty lot beside her grandfather Tim’s house, which is in the same county that I checked for a marriage license.

Regardless, congratulations to McKayla and Ethan! We wish both of them, as well as their growing family, all the best!

UPDATE – McKayla uploaded a photo to her regular Instagram feed. She had her account settings to mature, so you may have to be 18 to see the embed below?

(I should mention that McKayla has since deleted all of her pregnancy announcement posts on Instagram and TikTok. She does still have her pregnancy/baby #3 Q&A video still up on YouTube. It’s unclear why she made those changes. I should also mention that it is being pointed out that McKayla’s tattoo on her back right shoulder appears to have a misspelling: “We only part to meet agian 1980-2005.” The tattoo is a tribute to her birth father.)

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