UNEXPECTED Shayden to be a dad again, but not with Lexus or his new girlfriend

Unexpected Lexus Scheller ex Shayden Massey to be a dad again, another baby on the way

Just as it appeared that Matthew Blevins was the undisputed king of Unexpected multiple baby mama messiness, OG dad Shayden Massey tosses his hat (and apparently something else) in the ring!

In case you missed it, Shayden confirmed back in January that he and his daughter Scarlett’s mom Lexus Scheller broke up late last year. Shayden says he found out a month after they broke up that Lexus had cheated on him with his best friend while he was in jail. (More on his legal issues below.)

Shayden recently revealed on social media that he has a new girlfriend named Meah, who is 22 and has a son who looks to be almost 2.

20-year-old Shayden shocked his Instagram followers on Monday when he posted a sonogram accompanied by this vague caption: “I’ll just leave this here.”

Fans made the logical assumption and began to congratulate Meah on the pregnancy in the comments. However, those congratulations were apparently misplaced.

“Weird lol. Cuz it’s not me ?,” Meah herself commented. That set off a confusing string of events that would eventually reveal that the mother to be is another young lady named Kylee. Wait, what?!


After a lot of back-and-forth in the comments (recapped below), Meah shared this statement — which was then posted by @TLCUnexpected.Tea:

To clear things up for everyone, Shayden and I aren’t dating. Things have been a little complicated due to our lives being so separate and the distance. So we decided to just take a step back. We still talk almost everyday and ft.. I got a message this morning saying “I’m so sorry” and I thought something happened obviously, and his post was the first thing I saw on my feed. And he hasn’t gotten back to me yet because he’s a work but for someone who “loves you” this is pretty wild.. And I’m not sure how well come back from this. But he did NOT cheat. He’s treated me like a princess since the day we started talking. He’s the best dad and a really great guy. I’m just really disappointed that this was how we were “taking a step back.”

Meah’s post makes it sound as though she and Shayden were on a break when he got Kylee pregnant, but she later clarified things again. “He didn’t cheat on me. This pregnancy happened before I came into the picture,” Meah commented on @TLCUnexpected.Tea’s post.

Mom-to-be Kylee confirmed the timing of the conception with a post in her Instagram story answering a follower’s question about whether or not Meah or Lexus had reached out to her. “No, he talked to Lexus as far as I know yesterday night, and Meah and I would have no reason to talk considering when this baby was conceived was before they had started talking.” Kylee responded. Kylee, who looks to be 18, has changed her Instagram bio to read “baby massey?? October 2020?”

It seems obvious that Shayden plans to be a part of his new child’s life, but it’s unclear to everyone involved what that will look like.

If you’re curious how it went when Shayden told Lexus that he was going to be a dad again, he answered that during an Instagram live session. “Lexus was calmer than I expected her to be and was actually supportive,” he reveals.

As mentioned above, Shayden’s not pregnant girlfriend-for-a-minute Meah went back and forth with commenters on his sonogram post. Here are some of her interactions:


COMMENT: @meah_lenet I know it’s a surprise to you and all but that’s so shady to be commenting like that on this post. ? Regardless of what happened a child is being brought into the world so shouldn’t be petty. If you’re going to comment should be congratulating him or be happy for him not petty as hell. Just saying. And you said you weren’t together so… is it your problem?

MEAH: it’s his post and I’m aloud to comment what I want and feel what I want.

MEAH: it’s also not your problem either. Do you know him? Talk to him? FaceTime him? Probably not. So it’s actually less of a problem for you than me. Because I’m also in this.

COMMENT: @meah_lenet you’re not ‘in this’ of it’s not your baby soooo

MEAH: it’s my life and things he doesn’t affects it. Unless you know what we talk about on our own time then you have no idea what’s going on unless you watched my live and got the surface sh*t.

COMMENT: @meah_lenet you’re allowed to comment but also just super shady so if you wanna be like that be like that, you’re just making yourself miserable and gonna get nowhere because the baby is gonna be born no matter how hurt your feeling are ?

MEAH: nobody is miserable. We’re all just trying to figure out wtf is going on because this is actually our lives and sh*t needs to be workout out. So how you if you have nothing helpful to say plz don’t say anything.

COMMENT: @meah_lenet as if what you said was helpful ? but okayyyy

MEAH: what I say doesn’t have to be helpful. I’m not some random commenting on his sh*t. I’m apart of his life. You’re not. And that’s that.

COMMENT: @meah_lenet but you’re not the mom. If I was someone’s baby mama, which I am, and some irrelevant chick was acting petty about a damn pregnancy because she thought my baby daddy was her man I would go offfff because she should know her place (you), which is a place that her opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to the baby

MEAH: that’s not what I care about. And I’m not gonna sit here and explain this all again when I just did I live to explain all of this.

COMMENT: @meah_lenet He may be a really great guy, but you don’t deserve this. I don’t even know you and you seem so sweet. You deserve the WHOLE fu**ing world girl, and don’t settle for any man who gives you less than that. Stay you Mama??

MEAH: thank you. He is a great guy. Just a really messy situation. ❤️❤️

On a side note, we have some additional information on one of Shayden’s numerous run-ins with the law over the past two years.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Shayden was pulled over for speeding on March 12 of last year after being clocked going 55 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone. Once Shayden was pulled over, he informed the officer that he didn’t have a valid driver’s license, and he was unable to produce any identification. That’s when Shayden was introduced to a furry little feller named Darro.

From the affidavit:

I then deployed my K9 partner Darro and conducted a free air sniff around the vehicle. Darro had a change of behavior on the rear driver’s side door of the vehicle. The two other passengers and the driver were searched but nothing of evidentiary purposes was located. Prior to the beginning of the search Shayden advised me there will be a very small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia in the vehicle that belonged to him. During the search of the vehicle there was four smoking devices located with the odor of marijuana emitting from them, and a multi-colored “grinder” with a greenish plant like dust inside it. The evidence was later transported to the Peru Police Department and placed into temporary evidence storage.

Shayden was issued a speeding ticket, as well as citations for driving with a suspended license and possession of drug paraphernalia. Shayden mentioned that he “served a couple weekends in jail” late last year, which looks to be the culmination of a series of incidents in which Shayden insisted on driving on a suspended license.

Unexpected Lexus Scheller with Shayden Massey and baby daughter Scarlett

Here is a timeline of Shayden’s legal issues from Indiana court records:

June 18, 2018 – Operating with Expired Plates

December 5, 2018 – Driving With Suspended License

March 12, 2019 – Driving With Suspended License, Possession of Paraphernalia

March 25, 2019 – Driving With Suspended License, Driving Without Insurance

June 4, 2019 – Driving With Suspended License

August 7, 2019 – Driving With Suspended License, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia

In addition to Shayden’s issues with his driver’s license and pot, court records also indicate that he was named in a small claims civil suit last month from a real estate LLC. That usually indicates an issue with unpaid rent, but I have not been able to confirm that yet.

Meanwhile, Lexus has moved on with a new boyfriend of her own named Isaiah. She didn’t respond directly to Shayden’s announcement about being a dad again, but Lexus did share a filtered video clip and photo on Instagram. In the clip she sings along to Akon’s “Locked Up” and she captioned the mini-gallery by writing: “I be that pretty motherf**ker man~” Here’s the post without the caption:

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