Amber Portwood and Matt Baier talk after Teen Mom house scenes

Matt Baier and Amber Portwood talking again

Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Baier is looking to get back into the media spotlight by finally telling his side of the story in regards to the couple’s failed relationship. Matt revealed this week that he recently spoke with Amber, and it appears that his “tell all” will be in the form of a single interview.

However, don’t think for a second that Matt will be tossing Amber under the bus! In true Matt fashion, it sounds like his side of the story will be very pro-Amber. (Should we start the official countdown for Amber and Matt Part 2?)

Matt and Amber’s reconnection came after a scene from Teen Mom: The Next Chapter showed the interior of the house that Amber’s other ex, Andrew Glennon, had been living in until earlier this year. The living conditions were deplorable, with urine stains and random items strung about throughout the house.

The scene was of interest to Matt because the house was the same one that he and Amber lived in during their ill-fated time together.

A Teen Mom viewer tweeted her support for Amber after the scene aired. “My heart breaks for @AmberLPortwood, I really love that she has had the support from @ItsGaryTime & @KrissyK01,” @AlishaValerie tweeted on Wednesday. “I really hope that she finds someone caring & loving to share her life with ♡.”

“I just now spoke to Amber about the house thing,” Matt replied. “First time we have talked in quite a while. It was great catching up and I think 5 years has been long enough without talking.” Matt then revealed that he got approval for a tell all interview. “She agreed. 1 interview only. DM me if interested.”

Matt Baier After Teen Mom

Before I get into Matt’s recent tweets about the potential Amber tell all, I wanted to provide a relatively short update on what he’s been up to since breaking up with Amber Portwood and leaving Teen Mom OG. As viewers are likely aware, Matt was surrounded by controversy after his appearance on Teen Mom resulted in numerous women coming forward claiming that he conned them and got many of them pregnant before running off.

Child support court records initially indicated that Matt has at least seven children by five different women, but those numbers are believed to be higher.

Just a few months after Matt and Amber said their final goodbyes while filming Marriage Boot Camp in 2017, Matt married a 35-year-old waitress from Las Vegas named Jennifer Conlon. Matt went right back to his old ways by getting his wife pregnant and then leaving her. Jennifer filed for divorce in December of 2019 and cited “domestic violence” as an issue the court should consider in making their decision.

Before Jennifer and Matt’s divorce was finalized, he got engaged again. That relationship ended abruptly, and it is believed that it may have been because Matt didn’t tell his new fiancée that he was still married. Or perhaps she found out about his 8+ children from at least six different women?

Getting back to the divorce, here is Jennifer’s response to the section on the form asking what the proposed custody and visitation schedule will be for Matt in regards to their son, Christian:

No contact, Matthew has never been with Christian, I am the one raising him. Matthew has showed no interest. He is also financially unfit. I am asking for full primary physical and sole custody.

Jennifer got full custody of their son. Initially, she did not ask for any child support, but that was later revised after she went on government assistance. The revised child support filing was made in August of 2021 and was finalized in November of 2021. It requires Matt to pay the bare minimum of $85 a month in child support.

Matt Baier Reconnects With Amber Portwood

Matt’s tweet about speaking with Amber set off a series of Twitter interactions between Matt and his followers. I’ve gathered together most of the interactions for you here. (Matt also talked about his ongoing battle with addiction — something he’s been talking about for a long, long time. I have omitted those comments.)

TWEET: Good for both of you! She needs a support system and you being there helps!
MATT: What she needs is someone who actually knows the real her to speak. Ppl see a small sample of reality stars lives. What is shown is what sells. I promised I’d only talk when she was ok with it. So if ppl want to hear it I’m ready. 1 time only. If they don’t then that’s fine too

TWEET: I’m confused? Amber wants you to tell her story? Or yours?
MATT: No Amber doesn’t want anyone else To ever speak for her. That being said I have always said nothing about those days. Ppl ask all the time and I’ve always said no. Maybe it’s time to give some facts that ppl don’t know or think they know.

TWEET: I just heard a voice from Minnesota scream, “YOU WERE MY CONTENT FIRST!” Lol I’m glad you guys spoke. Amber is misunderstood, imo.
MATT: I don’t get that reference at all (so let’s drop that lol). The house thing just really disturbed me so we communicated in a friendly way. No hard feelings at all.

TWEET: Was Andrew living there or had he sub let it?
MATT: My understanding is it [wasn’t subletted]. That’s to the best of my knowledge.

TWEET: Best to drop it. It’s nondescript. But that’s awesome you two are actual adults and can have a good conversation. That’s admirable, and it’s nice when you’ve spent some life time with someone and can catch up in a good feeling way. Good example.
MATT: I am a firm believer that if u shared time with someone the negative gets stashed away and they deserve ur respect. Just bc things ended doesn’t mean you have anything to fight about years later. Wounds heal and new doors open.
MATT: I have no bad feelings towards anyone at all. I have good memories of all the interactions I’ve had with ppl over the years. Cast, crew, families, and fans of the show. The negatives I don’t even remember. I love my life and wouldn’t change it now thus I have no regrets.

TWEET: There’s nothing admirable about it lol. Two narcissistic individuals who happen to be needing supply at the same time lol. They will be another train wreck in the end, even if it’s only in friendship.
MATT: Amber and I? To say we are friends would be incorrect. To say the 1 communication we had in almost 6 years was civil would be accurate. Is civility in a conversation a bad thing? Asking about a trashed house we owned together is normal behavior. But ur entitled to ur opinion.

TWEET: Your narcissism and pathological lying is incurable.
MATT: You literally know nothing about me however you’re entitled to your opinion. Oh wanna know WHY u know nothing about me? Bc I don’t bother “defending myself” bc stuff wasn’t anyone business then and it’s still not. Enjoy ur night.

TWEET: Just another keyboard Cowboy. Keep being you and continue to brush off the haters!
MATT: Honestly doesn’t bother me bro. I give ppl a pass bc obviously I know things with regards to these situations that they don’t. I have no issue with ppl having opinions.
MATT: I will however say this. When it comes to reality tv. Ppl love to say they love watching the train wreck. They encourage it. That’s why they watch. Then when the train wreck happens they judge the behavior of the ppl driving the train.

MATT: Someone just suggested that I just go on Instagram Live and talk. Well to this of u who are making that suggestion I would like to point out that I don’t know how lol Ty for the suggestion anyway. #socialmediainept

TWEET: I’ll help you if you ever choose to do so!
MATT: Thanks but doing an Instagram live doesn’t sound fun to me. I wouldn’t even want to watch it lol.

MATT: IG live? Is that the way to go? Idk to speak or not to speak, that is the question

TWEET: Ya know I truly rooted for her, but it never stops. It is 1 thing after another. She hit Gary on camera, we all saw it. People saying she is misunderstood, no she isn’t. She chooses to not do the things she needs to do for her mental health. So tired of hearing that.
MATT: I think those are all fair points. However do u leave open the possibility that there could be more to certain situations that the general public may see? Not speaking about any 1 thing just saying than not 5 min clip tells a complete story. Agree?

TWEET: Serious question ..did she agree that it had been too long or/and she cool with this interview solicitation…?
MATT: It wasn’t a serious interview solicitation.I promise u I don’t have to solicit an interview lol. I simply choose to rarely do them.I was asked about the house by several ppl and was shocked to find out it was true. I asked Amber if it was real. Not more too it. Have a good night.

TWEET: I kinda figured that …it was just kinda nice to hear ya’ll reconnected and that there was some mutual respect…;) Happy Holiday Season…
MATT: Happy holiday season to u and urs as well. It’s been almost 6 years. There is respect there (not sure if it’s mutual) but I respect the person I knew as my friend. With anybody, I encourage ppl to hate the behavior but NEVER hate the person. Ty for reaching out.

UPDATE – As usual, what Matt said was a bit misleading. He returned to Twitter on Thursday to reveal that his communication with Amber was just an email exchange. He also downplayed the interview offer as a joke. From Matt:

So to respond to the many many messages I received overnight all at once then back to real life. Hearing about that house being trashed and seeing the pictures was a bit surprising. I reached out to Amber via email and asked if it was true and we had what amounted to a 5 min civil email conversation about the house.

Contrary to popular belief we purchased that house together a number of years ago and seeing it trashed was disappointing. I’m sure many of u would reach out to some1 as well to ask the details in the same situation. No more to it than that.

I made the mistake of replying to a tweet someone wrote by saying I “just talked to Amber”. I think after almost 6 years 2 ppl can talk about a piece of property civilly without it being a big deal. Somehow ppl took that to a really bizarre level. Amber and I are not “friends” although after half a decade I think we can have 1 civil electronic discussion without delving into the past. That’s called growth.

As a recovering addict I myself can’t sit and dwell on the bad stuff of 2017 or I’ll never get to where I want to be. That’s all there was to it. No more no less.

Saying in twitter that I’ll do “an interview” was a joke ppl. Anytime anything happened over the years with regards to ppl I used to know I get asked to comment. I rarely do however the house thing just shocked me bc as many of u forget it WAS (Not is but WAS) also my house.

Today is a new day and if ppl like the crack reporting team of Starcasm or anyone else want to make more of it than it was then more power to them. My life is about sobriety, positivity, happiness and the Bruins 14-2 start to the season. If ppl have questions please feel free to ask me but just know that there was no more to this.

I’ll let u guys know in another 5 years if Amber and I have another civil electronic conversation and maybe the news can preempt Monday Night Football to report it bc it obviously big news. Ty for all that reached out with questions and sorry I couldn’t answer them all individually but I’m still recovering from back surgery and attempting to do it sober. That takes priority over everything. Everyone have a blessed day.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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