Matt Baier has COVID, dated Love After Lockup goddess Tracie Wagaman earlier this year

Love After Lockup Tracie Wagaman and Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood's ex Matt Baier dated

A little more than a month after Love After Lockup star Lacey Whitlow alleged that Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin tried to meet up with her while she was a cam girl, we have yet another unlikely crossover between the two reality shows. WEtv “goddess” Tracie Wagaman has moved on from her estranged husband Clint Brady, and she just revealed that she recently dated Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood’s ex Matt Baier!

The relationship was apparently first reported in a live stream by someone called “Magical Missy.” In response to a claim made in the live stream that Tracie and Matt were in a relationship, Tracie shared a risque (but cropped) photo with Matt and confirmed that the two of them dated. The photo is included above.

“I have taken a little social media break but I want to confirm some things, Tracie began her caption for the photo. “The secret is out — I was seeing Matt Baier from Teen Mom earlier this year.”

Tracie then explained that the photo was cropped because it’s not “IG appropriate.” (I am guessing Tracie is topless?)

“We were seeing each other, but I never confided in ‘Magical Missy’ about the nature of our relationship,” Tracie added, before continuing in the comments section.

“It was something Matt and I made the decision not to go public with, but apparently Magical Missy and the host of the Live decided differently — so I can confirm we did spend time together — but the rest of what was said was a lie.”

Less than 12 hours after Tracie’s post, Matt Baier appeared live with YouTuber Sharrell’s World to talk about Tracie and their relationship. (Full interview included at the bottom of this post.) However, before Matt spoke about Tracie, he revealed that he is currently very ill after testing positive for the Coronavirus.

Matt says he received the test results a couple days before the live interview on Sunday. “I wear a mask everywhere,” he says. “I have no idea how I got it.” Matt says he’s constantly running a fever and it is painful for him to breath.

The live interview takes another unexpected turn when host Sharrell reveals that she’s running a fever and thinks that she has COVID too.

After Matt and Sharrell talk at length about their COVID symptoms, they move on to discussing a lawsuit involving a YouTuber that they both know. This YouTuber is rather famous for rubbing people the wrong way, and the online backlash against her over the past couple weeks has been exponential. (The lawsuit is unrelated to Teen Mom, Love After Lockup or Sharrell’s World.)

The YouTuber who is being sued actually interviewed Matt in the wake of Amber Portwood’s arrest last year. During the interview, she was very nice and very complimentary to Matt. But, some time after the interview, she said some very harsh things about him publicly. Regardless of that, Matt says he has “zero ill feelings” about the YouTuber.

“The woman’s trying to do a job to support her family,” Matt argues. “Whether you agree or disagree with how she does it, that’s the way she chooses to do it. And going on her social media and attacking her the way people are is just, I think it’s wrong.”

This high road stance when it comes to negative social media posts about public figures is a big change for Matt. Prior to dating Amber Portwood, he used to live tweet the Teen Mom shows and seemed to never run out of hateful and vicious things to say about the moms.

“How bad is [Jenelle Evans]?” he asked in one tweet, before answering himself: “Farrah does p*rn, Amber beat her man, Leah cheated, Chelsea is orange, Kailyn looks like a frog and Jenelle trumps them all!” (That’s one of the less vicious tweets.)

Matt tells Sharrell that negativity online doesn’t affect him any more, he only asks for some creativity. “If people feel like they want to say something about me, at least make it entertaining, you know? I mean, don’t do the typical ‘He’s a douche bag.’ I mean, make it interesting and I’ll give you props for that.”

As an example of an “entertaining” and “interesting” way to trash someone online, I will quote Matt himself. “[@Jenelle] nothing helps the chances of getting a kid back than legally marrying a criminal.” Matt concluded the tweet by adding the #dumpthedouche hash tag.

Speaking of marrying a criminal, Sharrell and Matt’s conversation eventually turns to his relationship with Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman.

Sharrell recalls that Matt and Tracie first met after Tracie appeared on Sharrell’s World and Matt was watching. After the interview, Sharrell called Matt (which she apparently does quite often) to talk about it. “You said, ‘I want to talk to her,’ because you felt like she needed — what did you call it?”

“She needs a life coach, big time!” Matt remembers.

Matt would eventually talk to Tracie, and the two became friends. Matt says the friendship turned to dating “for probably a week” and that the two have “remained very good friends” since splitting up.

Here is Matt reflecting on getting to know Tracie:

When I first met Tracie I didn’t know what to make of her because I fell into the trap everyone else did. It was maybe the same trap people fall in about me, where all I knew about her was that, oh, she had drug problems, and she was on a TV show. After spending 10 minutes with her, I’m like, ‘This woman is nothing like people say she is.’

She flies off at the mouth sometimes, you know? She puts a little too much of her life on social media. But that’s that’s not all her.

I’ve spent a good amount of time with Tracie just sitting around and talking. She’s really funny! And self-deprecating, big time. Again, she’s just unapologetic about who she is, and I think more people should be like that, you know? You don’t owe anybody an explanation for how you live your life. I may not agree with it. You may not agree with it. But, she seems happy to me.

Matt shares a couple of genuinely wonderful stories about how nice and caring Tracie is, including how supportive she was when his 16-year-old dog recently had to be put down.

The interview then turns to Tracie’s estranged husband Clint Brady and his girlfriend Gen Bailey. Gen is VERY active on social media, and she is constantly engaging with Tracie in all sorts of drama. Matt seems to ignore his previous condemnation of saying negative things online by bashing Gen relentlessly.

“I have never met anybody in my life who craves attention more than that Gen girl,” Matt says. “This Gen girl, I mean, [Clint] needs to wake up and look across the other side of the bed and realize that monster you’re laying next to, because that chick is cracked man. I’m telling you.”

Matt continues: “You know what I’ve noticed about her? She latches on to people like a friggin’ barnacle, and then the next day she’s always fighting with these people…She’s just a boil on the ass of humanity. I’m telling you, she’s everything that’s wrong with the internet.”

Most of the rest of the interview is Matt and Sharrell talking about addiction and recovery. Unfortunately, she doesn’t ask him about his life since moving to Las Vegas.

After splitting from Amber, Matt rushed down the aisle with a new woman named Jennifer Conlon at the tail end of a whirlwind romance. The two had a child together, but they split and she filed for child support one month after the child’s birth.

Before his divorce was finalized, Matt got engaged again to a woman in California. That relationship fell apart and Matt moved back to Las Vegas where he had been evicted and sued for thousands of dollars by multiple cash advance businesses.

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