TEEN MOM Cheyenne Floyd shooting details shared by Zach Davis, including photos of their car

Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd shooting photos

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter couple Cheyenne Floyd and Zachary Davis revealed on the series premiere that they were shot at 13 times by someone they knew while driving in Los Angeles with their two young children. Despite sharing some of the details from the shooting, including the fact that there was an open court case against the shooter, the couple seemed to leave a lot out.

Obviously, the media was completely unaware of Cheyenne and her family being shot at, so there were no obvious news stories to get more information from. The search for additional details turned up a shooting in May that had a lot of similarities to the shooting described by Cheyenne and Zach, and it happened in the middle of the day on a residential street less than half a mile from Cheyenne’s house.

However, that DOES NOT appear to be the same shooting incident. Zach Davis took to Instagram this week to respond to some of the reactions to the shooting reveal, including allegations that it may have been because of Zach’s past. (Zach has a grand larceny conviction, a DUI, and a recent arrest for a probation violation.) Other fans have suggested that the couple may have even fabricated the story — or part of the story.

“The fact that I have to address this is beyond me,” Zach began a text graphic post in his Instagram stories. “It keeps coming to my attention that there is a lot being said about the incident we were involved in. So let’s get some things straight. It happened.”

Zach then seems to reveal that the shooting happened last year. “Chey and I would never make up this dramatic of a story for ratings, it’s taken us a year to even be able to talk publicly about what we have been going through.” Zach also insists that this kind of incident isn’t always newsworthy in Los Angeles. “This was a senseless act and living in LA it is not uncommon.”

Zach and Cheyenne said on the show that the shooter “was somebody we both knew” and that he had been in Cheyenne’s house before. Zach doesn’t want people thinking that because they recognized the man that he was a friend. “Stop the narrative that this was our friend or justify what we went through because I have a past,” Zach wrote. “This has zero connection.”

Zach also responded to a comment in regards to how well they knew the shooter:

COMMENT: Didn’t they literally say on the show that it was someone they knew and the person had been to their house? How is that making up a narrative? Lol 😂

ZACH: Do you consider every single person that you “know” a friend? He was at the house once, a guest that was invited to a party, invited him [sic]. Very common thing if u ever had a party or attended. People brin gother people. Do u need me to do a small skit and show you? Y’all blow words so far out of context stop and think for a second.

Why didn’t Zach and Cheyenne share more information about what happened? “This is still an active case which is why we can’t give details,” Zach explained. “At this point, offer prayers, support and leave your judgment out.”

Zach posted a series of photos of the white BMW X6 they were in when they were shot at. “This is LA everyday!” he wrote in a separate text-only post. “If you think it’s a cup of sweet tea out here it’s not, it’s a GTA lobby. Stay safe everybody!”

Here are the photos of the BMW in which you can see the bullet holes in the driver’s side of the car and the crumpled hood from where they rear ended a Prius during the shooting:

Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd car shooting details pictures

The photos of the car prove that the shooting in May was another family of four in a different BMW. The other shooting certainly seems to back up Zach’s claim that they live in a GTA lobby!

Here are all of Zach’s since-deleted Instagram story posts as archived by @teenmomchatter_ on Instagram:

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup also provided some clarification about the shooting as her sources at the Teen Mom Family Reunion set reveal that Cheyenne required surgery after the incident due to crashing into the Prius, not because she was shot. “No one was shot and everyone else escaped without injury, except for Cheyenne,” the source tells The Ashley.

Unfortunately, Teen Mom fans hoping that Cheyenne and Zach might reveal some additional information on this week’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter were left disappointed because they were not featured at all.

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