Mackenzie McKee vs. Cheyenne Floyd & Teen Mom OG cast feud recap

Teen Mom OG Mackenzie McKee feuds with Cheyenne Floyd plus Maci bookout, Catleynn Baltierrra, Amber Portwood

The cast of Teen Mom OG were in California this week to film the Reunion. It seems the get together took a Mean Girls turn as newest addition Mackenzie McKee found herself on the outside looking in.

The ostracizing of Mackenzie reportedly stems from a racially insensitive comment she made in January and her later attempts to apologize. “Sorry, no. There are a lot of amazing women in the world for my daughters to look up to and see as role models. Kamala Harris is not one of them,” Mackenzie posted on Facebook. “It blows my mind that out of all the amazing colored women in the world, that is the one who is making history,” she added in the comments.

Mackenzie’s post was brought up on the show, and she also apologized during the Reunion. “I used a word that I thought was politically correct and the next day I woke up with all these articles saying I’m racist…I would have never used that word if I knew it was derogatory,” Mackenzie said. “I never meant to hurt anyone, and to anyone who I did hurt, I’m so sorry.”

Mackenzie claimed that she wanted to address the problem at length on social media, but MTV wouldn’t allowed her to. Mackenzie also revealed that she called her Teen Mom OG co-star Cheyenne Floyd to personally apologize. That did not go well at all.

“I talked to Cheyenne and I thought things were going to be amazing but it was just a downward spiral from there,” Mackenzie revealed during an Instagram live earlier this year. “Her message back was ‘I have no sympathy for you. Welcome to day one of being uncomfortable because of the color of your skin,‘” she continued. “So if she hates me, that’s fine. That’s fine because I said something ignorant, but I messaged and told her that I love her.”

Over the past few days, Mackenzie’s co-stars Maci Bookout, Catelyn Baltierra, Amber Portwood and Cheyenne Floyd have all been sharing joyful photos and videos together. That came as a bit of a disappointment to Mackenzie because she wasn’t just left out of their social gatherings, she was also filmed separately.

Cheyenne shared a group photo sans Mackenzie on Twitter, and seemed to do a bit of trolling by captioning it with “My favorites.”

Mackenzie took to Twitter to express her frustration at being excluded from the rest of the cast, and she also shared her thoughts in the comments of an Instagram post by Maci. The post included a video of Amber, Maci, Catelynn and Cheyenne on the Reunion couch together with Cheyenne awkwardly feeding Catelynn grapes as everyone laughed. Then, Catelynn grabs a bunch of grapes and feeds them to Amber. Here’s the original video:

A commenter asked why Mackenzie wasn’t in any of the photos or videos with the other moms. “Chey hates me so I did it solo,” Mackenzie replied. “They are editing me in.” Mackenzie apparently deleted the comment later.

Maci then posted a screen cap of Mackenzie’s comment and offered up her response in the caption:

With all due respect @mackenziemckee there is no editing on my Instagram page and if we’re going to call things out then we can start now. As far as I am concerned, you’re far too worried about how you’re portrayed to people than you are on how you treat people. If you prefer, we can continue this conversation elsewhere. If not, I won’t take offense to you unfollowing me. Next time you want to say something that starts a conversation, please don’t delete it.

In the next stage of the feud drama, Mackenzie posted a series of videos to Instagram in which she seemed deeply saddened by the whole situation. Here is a compilation video of what she had to say followed by a transcript:

Mackenzie McKee on Reunion and Cheyenne snub

I’m just going to tell my side of the story as graceful as possible. Here it goes, the Reunion just happened in LA…many of you know about the humiliating mistake I made that I was extremely sorry about, and I wish more than anything I wouldn’t have brought one of the girls on the show — Cheyenne — into it because it wasn’t her mistake and she shouldn’t have had to carry that burden on her shoulder of being brought into it.

And I really just wanted to have that conversation with her. And we did have a really [??] conversation. And for some reason it turned south. And I’m just not used to this. I don’t have a problem with any of them. I don’t have a problem with anyone I don’t — I don’t like having problems with anyone.
I don’t know how it turned into this.
So, we did the phone call and the last thing I said… “Let me hold your hand. I want to support you. I want to support” — like, I supported everything she has stood for. And nothing’s gonna change that because it’s the right thing to do.

But when I told her — it was on a skype — and my last words with her was, “Hey, I’ve told you I loved you like six times and you haven’t said anything back.” And she laughed. Like, she laughed. And that hurt.

I let things hurt me, I really do. [Mackenzie starts to tear up.] Like, I let things hurt me, and this hurt me a lot that she laughed at me. You know? When I said, “I love you and let me be here for you,” she laughed.
…And God was, like, you know, one day God was, like, “I just think you need to grow up and stop thinking about your own feelings…She’s hurt, you know? You really did some damage, you know, with your word mix up.” And I will always be sorry for that.

And so, I’m like you know what? Before I see all the girls I’m gonna say “sorry.” Like, I’m just going to tell her, “You know, I’ve been really selfish thinking about how bad you laughing at me when I said I loved you hurt me, and I don’t want to think about my feelings. I want to think about your feelings.” And I just said, “I’m sorry, and I hope you can forgive me.”

And so this was the night before I flew out to LA, and she read it and she unfollowed me on Twitter.
I go and MTV texted me and said, “Hey, we’re doing things a little different. You’re actually not going to come on set…” So basically, they were telling me, “We’re just gonna do you solo.” And when I showed up, everyone was gone.

They were, like, “Yeah, all the girls filmed all day and we’re doing it different.” I kind of thought, you know, maybe it’s because of COVID. But I just went with it, and so, in all my photo shoots and my photos, like, I did a photo shoot on the couch and they said, “We’re editing all of you guys in on the couch together. So, just, like, eat popcorn, you know, be fun.”

And I’m, like, “OK.” And it was just really weird. AI asked them, like, “Why? Like if it was because, like, did me saying ‘sorry’ bother her so much that she demanded that I was not in these photos?” And they just wouldn’t answer.
And then I get off the plane and she posts the photo — and I was told by MTV, “This has nothing to do with…”

“…MTV, they did not do anything with all the girls together.” And I’m, like, not singled out. It’s not that way. It’s just being done different. And I get off the plane and it was, like, you might as well have slapped me in the face when I got a hundred messages of people screen shotting Cheyenne not only posting a photo of all four girls, but her saying “My favorites.”

I hate that I’m sad. I hate that it really hurts me that I was not only lied to, but because I said “sorry” this had to happen. I don’t know. Like, I don’t know what — it’s just — and then, all the girls are posting, you know, the photos and the videos that I was lied to about. Not by them. And everyone was asking why I was not in the photos. So I said, “Well I think it’s because Cheyenne hates me.”

Like, I’m really — I don’t know what the reason was, but I know the schedule changed. As soon as I said “sorry” to her, the schedule changed where I’m not a part of anything. And I’m confused. I’m lost. And then now Maci’s mad at me and posting stuff, so I don’t understand. Um, I don’t know what else to tell you guys.

Mackenzie and Cheyenne feud escalates

Mackenzie’s posts had Cheyenne feeling some kind of way, and she broke her silence with a series of text posts on her Instagram. Here are Cheyenne’s posts:

I am not a MTV producer… I don’t call the shots. But if you feel the need to keep bullying me over things that haven’t happened to make yourself feel seen… be my guest. You have an odd fixation on me. Your rendition of how things happened are beyond delusional and I wish you would focus on yourself and leave me alone. @mackenziemckee

I have done my best to keep this off social media for months but at this point I have tell my side of what happen. After Mackenzie’s colored comment came out, she asked to call me and I told her no problem. We had a conversation that she continued to put her foot in her mouth, explaining how she knew nothing about segregation & how black people were referred to as colored where she was from.

I took my time to teach a history lesson when I did not have to. It is not my responsibility to teach you. But since I am the only black cast member on the show she felt like she had to call me and explain. After a hour long conversation she thanked me for even talking to her because she said her husband thought I was going to be “one of the angry black women”. They were surprised that I took the call & took the time to explain to her why the term is beyond incorrect. She apologized to me and I explained she did not need to apologize to me, you can’t hurt me because I know my history. I am not your colored.

Later it was presented if I would get on a zoom call with her while she talked to color of change so they could in fact give her another history lesson. We did the zoom, she barely spoke and at the end she repeatedly said I love you. No I didn’t say it back, because I don’t know you. When I say I love you to someone I mean it. No I did not laugh at her, I actually explained to her that it was just not a term that I don’t throw around, that’s not what I was taught.

At the last reunion when she addressed the situation, they also had me address the situation and it was edited out. They also edited out Mackenzie having to be coached over and over again on what to say as she continued to say uneducated, ignorant an extremely naive comments. Every answer she gave she brought me into it, to the point that they stopped filming, got her on the phone with color of change again to explain how she was in the wrong again. None of this has been shown. Watching her film her segment showed how after all of the calls and history lessons she received she still just didn’t get it. She was upset that she had to even apologize or mention the “Black situation”.

Fast forward to the live she did addressing everything because she was upset when the reunion aired at how they edited it even tho they made her look her best. She continued to force this false narrative and playing the victim bringing my name up again. When I had nothing to do with this situation other then the fact that I am the black cast member that you brought into your mess.

I haven’t spoken on the situation because I clearly see she needs help and I shouldn’t have to explain myself. Once again tonight she has made herself the victim when in fact she still can’t take a second to see what she has done. You continue to paint yourself to be extremely loving and apologetic when your not. You are exhaustingly ignorant and if they showed what actually happened at the last reunion people would understand when I would prefer to not be subjugated to your presence. This angry black women would like to be left alone now. Thank you.

Mackenzie responds

Here is Mackenzie’s response prior to her deactivating her Instagram and Twitter:

I wish Chey and I could privately have a conversation but she refuses to do so. If what she just posted is how she has seen things, I can see why she is so upset I truly can.

First my exact words about my husband was “my spouse says I have a lot of people upset and to not make phone calls, but I feel the need to say sorry” Josh NEVER called her an angry black woman and no such words would ever come out of his mouth.

Secondly I was not putting my foot in my mouth, I felt it was a good conversation I was very thankful for and I did say “I hate how badly I have hurt people, I need to do better, and I now see how ignorant I am”

And last, no one ever had to coach me. I begged them to stop time and time again. I begged them to let me simply apologize authentically from my heart. None of that was my doing. And when I brought her name into it, it was ONLY TO THANK HER!
I honestly hate all of this. I wish we could have used this to come together in the end.
MTV is who decided not to have me apart of the girls, not the girls themselfs [sic].

Teen Mom OG Mackenzie McKee Cheyenne Floyd feud comment

Even though she no longer has an active Twitter or Instagram account, Mackenzie still has TikTok! She has offered up more responses to commenters there. Here are some of the interactions, including references to Cheyenne’s old tweets that featured some pretty bad comments about white people:

People have the right to hate me for my word mix up, people have the right to not agree with Cheyanne for wanting to shoot all of the white babies.

o choose love and grace. And to move forward with love and grace. God has forgiving every single one of us for things he didn’t have to.

But as far as her recent story goes, it comes to a point where I do have to protect my family and I. I will admit to every wrong doing of mine.

But her stories were sad lies and far from the truth. Josh has never said a word about her personally and now she is throwing his name under the bus.

But in the end it’s time for all of us to move forward and respect one another. Let’s choose love.

COMMENT: Didn’t Chey want to kill all white people at some point. 😳 Google it.
MACKENZIE: She indeed did.

That’s it for now.

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