TEEN MOM Ryan Edwards to enter rehab, pleads guilty to harassing wife Mackenzie

Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards

Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards was back in court today to face multiple charges, including drug possession, harassment, stalking, and violating an order of protection.

As The Ashley was first to report, Ryan pleaded guilty to the harassment charge and will be heading back to rehab.

According to court records, Ryan was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days for the harassment conviction. His sentence was suspended and Ryan was placed on probation.

The rest of Ryan’s sentence includes:

  • Must wear a GPS monitor
  • Must complete rehab treatment
  • No contact with Mackenzie, except as allowed by court
  • No social media posts regarding Mackenzie

The violating an order of protection and stalking charges were dismissed. The possession of a controlled substance charge is still open, but Ryan must attend rehab for six months. The entry says TBDGB, which means the charge will be dismissed with good behavior.

Ryan has another court date scheduled for April 20, which I assume will be a status check to see if Ryan is following the requirements of his sentence.

Why was Ryan Edwards arrested?

Ryan Edwards was arrested February 10, 2023 on multiple charges in the wake of posting a photo and nasty comments about his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, on social media.

A press release from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office revealed that Mackenzie took out an order of protection against Ryan on February 9. The following day she informed police that Ryan had posted revealing photos of her on social media. Ryan had also contacted Mackenzie’s dad, which was a violation of the order.

Police went to Ryan and Mackenzie’s residence and found “considerable damage” to the home. Officers then went to Ryan’s place of employment. “Subsequent to the arrest, Edwards was searched and found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and two bags of suspected narcotics,” the press release reveals.

The Sun obtained a copy of the arrest report, which included the following details in the arresting officer’s narrative:

I searched the inside of his wallet and located a glass pipe and two baggies of white powder.

One baggie appeared to be very white, more consistent with cocaine, while the other appeared slightly darker, more consistent with heroin.

Ryan was arrested again on March 1 after allegedly violating Mackenzie’s order of protection on February 23.

Ryan attacks Mackenzie again on Instagram

Ryan’s guilty plea comes just a couple days after he took to Instagram to once again say negative things about his estranged wife, Mackenzie Edwards.

Ryan posted a blank black image along with the following caption:

How do i find the laziest fakest pos person that still uses my name to make money and still can’t manage to take care of the responsibility you walk out on. Idk how u look at you’re self. I see why ppl can’t stand me for being real. Can’t change the truth tho. Now I see why you have problems bc you cant stand to hear the truth. Pos go be a mother and not s**t. I ONLY WASTE MY TIME DOING THIS BC SEEING MY KIDS CRY EVERY TIME THEY LEAVE IT KILLS ME. Just do the right thing good god, stop being a pos. #3

Someone that Ryan apparently knows left a comment that I assume was sarcastic. “Glad to see everything is going good back home,” he wrote.

Ryan responded with even more vitriol:

o bro it’s amazing super c*nt hangs out with some Rambo mother fu**er that try’s to fight little Casey every time he is out DT. Tell me how going on the weekend I don’t have my kids I run into the person that is post to have them. It’s a sh*t show bro. Call me I’ll tell u about it. Lol you’ll never guess who has been chilling with me haha, but you have to call me bc I don’t wanna put her name out there like that

Yikes. Let’s all hope Ryan gets the help he so desperately needs. Again.

UPDATE – So much for that hope. Ryan bailed on rehab and was arrested again on April 7 after he reportedly overdosed while driving.

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