TEEN MOM Mackenzie McKee’s son starts house fire during live stream

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee house fire on live stream

Former Teen Mom 3 and Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee was well known for her dumpster fire marriage to ex Josh McKee, but now she’s making headlines for an actual house fire!

30-year-old Mackenzie was doing a TikTok Live last night when chaos erupted after her oldest son, Gannon, apparently set fire to a dining room centerpiece with a lighter.

Gannon could be heard (and later seen) in a complete panic, but Mackenzie was quick to respond and put out the blaze before it got out of control.

In a bit of foreshadowing, Mackenzie can be heard at the start of the clip talking about how things can “spiral out of control really quickly.” Almost immediately after Mackenzie says that, you can hear Gannon start to yell in the background.

Mackenzie exclaims, “Whoa!” and dashes off screen. She can be heard frantically yelling, “Gannon! Gannon!”

It sounds as though Gannon screams, “Mom, I didn’t do anything!” as he runs into the camera frame and away from the fire.

In the video, you can see a reflection of the flames in a mirror on the wall. You can also see a large, flickering orange glow on the ceiling and the metallic surface of the dishwasher.

As the reflections of the flames die down, Mackenzie is heard saying repeatedly: “It’s OK Gannon! It’s Ok! It’s OK Gannon! It’s OK!”

Gannon is clearly panicked, and after the flames appeared to be out he tells his mom that he is scared and shaking.

“You have to stay calm,” Mackenzie assures him. She then returns on screen and can be heard and seen laughing.

“OK, a little thing just caught on fire! Oh my God!” she yells into the camera.

Gannon is still freaking out as Mackenzie pleads with him to calm down. “Mom, the whole house just caught on fire!” he exclaims.

“No, it did not,” Mackenzie laughs. She then starts to walk with the camera as she reveals she doesn’t know how to get off the live stream. She quickly pans down and shows the aftermath of the fire, and you can see a flower vase on the floor along with lots of burned things:

Mackenzie McKee's son Gannon starts a fire on TikTok Live

Mackenzie sets her phone down on the counter and it’s unclear if she and Gannon are aware that it is still recording.

“How did that happen?” Mackenzie asks.

“I don’t know!” Gannon replies. “I was just sitting there, and I flicked the lighter.” He stutters a bit as he claims he was just flicking the lighter and there was no flame.

“It’s just flowers in the middle of the table, OK?” Mackenzie says.

Gannon remarks about how surprised he is that “flowers catch catch on fire in one second.”

“Well, that’s how serious fire is, honey,” Mackenzie explains.

Mackenzie tells Gannon that she just wants to make sure he’s OK, at which point Gannon’s younger brother Broncs says, “I’m not OK!”

Mackenzie tells Broncs to “come here!” as Gannon seems to realize the camera is still streaming live.

“Mom, I bet you these people that that it was a stinking little fire,” Gannon says.

“It was a little fire!” Mackenzie argues.

“Mom!” Gannon exclaims. “No it wasn’t!”

“It was, Gannon. It’s just a little fire,” Mackenzie assures him — and the viewers.

Mackenzie McKee responds to house fire stream

Mackenzie returned to TikTok and shared a two-minute clip talking about the fire and what happened. Here is the video with a transcript of what Mackenzie said:


♬ original sound – Mackenzie Taylor

“Alright, so sometimes I go live with my son, Gannon, who is almost 13 and he’s super funny.

“Tonight we were going live and I made him his plate, and I was just talking. And, you know, I’m always worried because people are really judgmental about moms. And I just want you guys to hear it from me first, because it’s probably gonna hit the internet. And if you hear it from me first, maybe I can control the narrative just a little bit.

“Yeah, yeah, so life happens over here. I’m not perfect. Now, I’m sure there’s a lot I did wrong in this situation.

“Okay, so he’s sitting, eating dinner at the kitchen table. 13 year old. We’ve always said don’t play with lighters. Well, there was a lighter on the table, because I lit a candle. And there was a centerpiece of flowers.

“Now, if you’re not supposed to have a centerpiece of flowers in the middle of a table, please forgive me. It was like the pampas flowers. I think that’s what you call them.

“I’m right online and next thing, you know, boom, fire. Fire!

“…So yeah, that happened. Unfortunately, on live.

“Fortunately, I was able to walk over and just take a broom and put out the fire. I’ve never dealt with that before. I’ve learned my lesson.

“I don’t even want lighters in the house, not even candles, nothing. I will stick to the Scentsy pots.

“What else causes fire? Beause I’m about to remove every single bit of it.

“I’m so thankful everyone’s fine. And no more flowers in the centerpiece. My table can just be bare.

“So I will let you know, like, when this hits the internet, we’ll stitch this or something. But I’m just, like, ‘Oh my gosh, that just happened on live. That just happened on live.’

“He was freaking out, like screaming. And yeah, I always try to, you know, my mom instinct was like, ‘remain calm for my kid.’

“Okay, yeah. Mm-hm.”

Mackenzie McKee returning to Teen Mom

The Ashley revealed late last year that Mackenzie McKee was making yet another return to the Teen Mom franchise as part of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, set to air in the next couple months.

A couple weeks ago, it was reported that Mackenzie will also be joining the new season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, which is currently filming and set to air later this year. On both shows, Mackenzie will be starring alongside her new man, Khesiano “Khessy” Hall.

If you’re curious what Mackenzie is up to currently, besides being a part-time volunteer firefighter, she sahred this update on Instagram on February 1:

Welcome to February! It’s LOVE MONTH, and I love LOVE! Love is more powerful than anything we will ever have, and we all have the option to choose love in our hearts 🫶 this month, I’m BACK AT UTC on the 17th so mark your calendar. It’s gonna be love themed OF COURSE! This month I ALSO have the grand opening of my very own Bodybymac space 🥹. It’s also my second valentine with my prince. AND our Jaxie girl turns 10 😍

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