TEEN MOM Mackenzie Standifer files for divorce from Ryan Edwards

MTV’s Teen Mom franchise has been following Ryan Edwards since he was in high school. Father to Bentley, Edwards had a son with Maci Bookout in 2008.

At the time Bentley was the first baby born on 16 and Pregnant. Since then his parents have split, and both are married to new partners. Edwards’ family life is crumbling however, as it looks like his wife Mackenzie has finally had enough.

16 and Pregnant

Ryan Edwards was introduced to the world on the series 16 and Pregnant. His then girlfriend Maci’s pregnancy was one of the first featured on the series.

During their relationship, Edwards and Bookout had numerous disagreements and fights, ultimately leading them to break up officially in 2010.

Co-parenting hasn’t been easy for these two, and the Teen Mom cameras have continued to film the struggle that Edwards has had to stay sober and pay attention to his child.

Mackenzie Standifer

Ryan had a second lease on life when he married Mackenzie Standifer in 2017. The two seemed like a decent match, even conceiving their own children, son Jag, and a daughter named Stella who was born in 2020.

Standifer had her own issues with Maci but always seemed to promote Ryan spending time with Bentley – a HUGE issue in their co-parenting journey as Bookout often accused Edwards of being absent.

One of the reasons for Ryan Edwards parenting failures is his inability to stay sober. Edwards has participated in rehab programs for alcohol and drugs… though it’s hard to tell if he’s ever made a full recovery.

He has been arrested for drug possession multiple times.

Ryan Edwards stalking claims

Most recently the Teen Mom star was accused of stalking his wife after she put out an order of protection.

Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards trashes wife Mackenzie Edwards on Instagram again?

It looks like ‘Mack’ has finally had enough. Reports from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup and The US Sun have confirmed that Standifer has officially filed for divorce. Not only that, but she has temporary full custody of their children.

While Mackenzie has no claim to be able to ‘protect’ Bentley from Ryan, it’s pretty much assumed that because of this Maci Bookout will not be letting her son anywhere near Edwards – at least until things are straightened out.

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