Farrah Abraham compares her battery case to conflict in Middle East

Farrah Abraham Hummus quote

As we reported earlier, former Froco Fresh Frozen yogurt shop owner Farrah Abraham got some good news in her California battery case after she allegedly slapped an LA club security guard in January of 2022.

Farrah was sentenced to 40 hours of community service and was allowed to enter an 18-month diversion program that could result in the battery charge and arrest being erased from her record.

After we published our story about the results from Farrah’s hearing, In Touch “exclusively confirmed” what we reported and added video of Farrah outside the courthouse. In the clip, Farrah is her usual unapologetic and remorseless self as she took no ownership of guilt. She actually referred to herself as the victim yet again:

“Everything is progressively moving forward,” Farrah said when asked how the court hearing went. “I had to have another case about my personal injuries,” she continued. “I think security officers — security peace officers — like police officers, need to be held accountable, and it’s sad that victims have to, you know, come to court, do diversion, do all these things. So, I’m happy I moved from Los Angeles.

Farrah left a comment on In Touch’s Instagram account and compared her altercation with security to the current situation in the Middle East. “I’m Jerusalem & security is Hummus lying with terrorism tactics that fail,” Farrah wrote. Yes, she wrote “Hummus” instead of Hamas.

Farrah shared the interview with herself in her own Instagram feed (included above) and wrote the following caption:

Thankful I’m alive, Grateful I don’t live in California- Love some Austin Texas ( where security doesn’t set up attacks on public figures) & look forward to changing our legal systems surrounding prosecutors and allowing criminal attacks in uniform. As we all should never be assaulted, cuffed, or excessive force while eating dinner or checking out a rooftop.

Ive learned that it’s better to just stay away from those who have no self control – our system should act on criminal defamation and lies that hurt innocent people every day. Criminal Vs. CIVIL – Justice Always prevails even in a corrupt Judicial systems 💯💯💯

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